98 cm tall "Pocket Mother" gave birth to 6 pounds of heavy female baby: the process "focused heart", the ending is beautiful

In a few days, Xiaosi was full of moon.

Unlike other children, Xiaosi has a "hero mother": less than 1 meter tall and only 35 kg in weight. In the difficult "October pregnant", Sisi’s mother’s own special characteristics let her make her her own.In the risks of utensil failure such as heart, lungs, and brain … In the end, Ms. Wan Ms. Ms. Wan successfully gave birth to 6 pounds of Sisi.

In order to ensure the peace of Sisi and Ms. Wan’s mother and daughter, the Maternal and Child Health Institute of Sichuan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Institutes, the combination of medical genetic genetics, prenatal diagnosis and ultrasound department, and other disciplinary teams to escort them all the way.

↑ Mother and child are safe

Safety bred ——

Less than one meter and weight is only 70 catties

The expectant mother went to the hospital for examination at 6 weeks of pregnancy

In 2021, Ms. Wan who was newly married found that she was pregnant.For the couple, the child has earlier than the plan.

It turned out that Ms. Wan, 27, was only 98 cm tall due to illness, and (during pregnancy) weighing only 35 kg.Ms. Wan’s husband had missed the left upper limb because of accidental injuries.Is the child healthy?Is there any risk for mothers and children?

"At 6 weeks of pregnancy, the couple came to the hospital and hung up my account." Gao Yan, director of the obstetrics department of Sichuan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, told Hongxing Journalists that the couple had enough awareness of safety.

The problem in front of the doctor, first of all, need to figure out that the real reason for Ms. Wan’s short figure is there any other potential malformations?Will it be inherited to the fetus and so on.Director Gao Yan contacted Director Wang Xueyan of the medical genetic and prenatal diagnosis department for the first time.

From the perspective of appearance, Ms. Wan has no special face, with normal intelligence, but she is short, her limbs are obviously short, and their forearm and lower limbs are deformed."There is no similar disease manifestation in her family." Gao Yan said that after inspection by the "Full Forex Sequencing", it was determined that Ms. Wan was "pseudo -cartilage dysplasia" due to genetic defects.The child with a child with a disease develops normally within 20 months after birth, but after the age of 20 months, the symptoms of dwarf gradually occur. After the age of 2, the symptoms of slow growth and gait staggence are developed.

After a series of examinations and evaluations, the hospital basically affirmed that the function of Ms. Wan’s heart and lungs, liver, and brain has no problems. It is determined that Ms. Wan can try to continue pregnancy.

At the same time, after a detailed investigation by amniotic fluid puncture and ultrasound doctors, the doctor found that the children in the stomach did not carry mutation genes, nor did they have clear structural abnormalities.

"The most torment is to wait for the results, because some results need to wait two to four weeks." Ms. Wan told Red Star Journalists that fortunately, every time she waited for the good results.

Ping An Birth Daughter-

In October, the risk of bronchial infection is experienced

6 pounds of healthy babies gave birth to a full moon caesarean section

After excluding "risk" factors such as genetics, Ms. Wan must face difficult pregnancy.For ordinary pregnant mothers, there are also risks to suffer from hypertension, diabetes, etc. in the process of conceiving in October. Besides, Ms. Wan’s body is thin, and a normal -developed baby grows, which is more risk than other mothers.More.

"Need to pay special attention to whether the cardiopulmonary function and brain function of pregnant women can bear it." Gao Yan said that the body’s burden on the body brought to pregnant women is likely to cause the blood pressure of pregnant women to change, and even the risk of heart failure.

However, at 35 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Wan suddenly had a cold and cough, so she was so difficult to breathe and could not lie flat."I am worried about heart failure." Gao Yan said, Wan Xing, after taking the medicine in time, Ms. Wan’s symptoms can be effectively relieved. The doctor judged that it was bronchus infection and excluded heart failure.

It is 37 weeks during pregnancy, and the fetus is full!Considering the normal development of the fetus, if you continue to wait for natural attacks, there is still the risk of other complications in this process. In addition, the child’s father only has the right arm, and it is inevitable that people are worried that they cannot take care of the mother and son at the same time.

As a result, with the doctor’s advice, on the morning of March 10, Ms. Wan underwent a caesarean section.

↑ Take a photo with Ms. Wan and her family

The new challenge is here again.It turned out that Ms. Wan’s cartilage development was abnormal, which made her spine different from ordinary people. She could not use the internal anesthesia in the normal cesarean section."Director of the Anesthesiology Department organized an experienced anesthetic surgery team, and finally decided to adopt a full numbness." Gao Yan said that even if he was general anesthesia, Ms. Wan was narrower than ordinary people and had high technical requirements for the technical requirements of anesthesia doctors.

In the end, Ms. Wan successfully gave birth to a 6 -pound baby girl."The recovery situation and breastfeeding situation, with the help of the nurses of the ward." Gao Yan said that Ms. Wan’s husband and wife often showed a happy life on the short video platform, and there were tens of thousands of fans. Many netizens felt that they were very positive.energy.When she was free, she also liked to watch videos they took care of their children.

Ms. Wan told the Red Star News reporter that although the process was "distracted", it was fortunate that the ending was beautiful.

Doctor’s suggestion:

It is best to have a special group for pregnancy for pregnancy before pregnancy

Gao Yan said that it was excluded from the plan to be pregnant. Couples such as Ms. Wan may have genetic diseases, especially those who had repeated miscarriage, history of fetal malformations, or family history of genetic diseases.Both have genetic consultation and pregnancy preparation inspections to detect genetic diseases early and whether there are chromosomal abnormalities that affect fertility."Indeed, there are genetic abnormalities, and the third -generation auxiliary reproductive technology can also be considered to intervene in the possible genetic diseases in advance." Gao Yan said.

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