A 35 -year -old woman took more than 30 weight loss pills in 10 years!Doctor prediction: can live for 5-10 years

Ms. Zhong, 35 -year -old in Changde, Hunan has taken weight loss pills for nearly 10 years. Earlier this year, discomfort symptoms have occurred. The hospital diagnosed the pulmonary hypertension.Doctors said that these three problems are irreversible. Patients with such diseases have lived for a maximum of 10 years.

"You can pay for everything." Ms. Zhong started taking diet pills 10 years ago. In the middle, she had interrupted medication because of her pregnancy, but her postpartum weight rose to 110 pounds, and she began to take diet pills.

At the beginning of January this year, she felt dizzy, her breathing, and her whole body was weak from Changde to Nanjing from a car to Nanjing. She began to think that she was just a cold. She was diagnosed with heart failure and pulmonary hypertension.

"He said that there is no medicine in our hospital to treat you, you go to the big hospital. I said that I would go for half a month before going, and then he said that I was worried that you had no chance." Ms. Zhong said.

Ms. Zhong came to Xiangya Second Hospital for treatment. Through the investigation of Ms. Zhong’s past medical history and her habits, the doctor determined that the culprit that caused her to be sick was the "weight loss pill" that kept her beautiful.

According to doctors, there are a lot of evidence to confirm that weight loss drugs are closely related to the onset of pulmonary hypertension.Among them, Amiraz, Fenflulaming, Pen Fullaming, Penaline, Jacin Peach, and Methane Pyramia are common weight loss pills.A study by a group of people who took weight loss pills for more than three months found that the incidence of pulmonary hypertension increased by 23 times.

"This medicine is no longer effective, so I stopped taking another one. Basically, I have taken all kinds of diet pills, and I have eaten it even if I ca n’t find it on the market. I have n’t named it. I have eaten it."Ms. Zhong said.

Li Jiang, a professor of Cardiology, Xiangya Second Hospital of Central South University, introduced: "75%of patients who have given this disease can only be maintained within 5 years, and now it can live to about 60%.Speaking 35 years old is actually a cruel thing. So we call on all people who love beauty to ignore health for beauty. "

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