A breath of 300g of hawthorn, Ms. Hangzhou entered the hospital in pain

Entering winter, hawthorn has begun to become a kind of fruit often bought at home in citizens. The appetite and digestion effect and the taste of sweet and sour taste, many people love it.But improper consumption, sweet and sour hawthorn enters the stomach and may become big rocks.

Recently, Ms. Xu (pseudonym) of Yu Hang felt pain in her upper abdomen, so she came to Hangzhou Xixi Hospital near home to see her, and Wu Bo, the attending physician of the Department of Gastroenterology, took her diagnosis.

After asking, Ms. Xu had pain on her abdomen for a few days.In order to further clarify the diagnosis, Wu Bo arranged gastroscopy for her.

I don’t know if I don’t check it, I am frightened.Ms. Xu’s stomach has an egg -sized stomach, and it is accompanied by multiple ulcers!Fortunately, shortly after the formation of stomach stones, the texture was not very hard. Wu Bo immediately arranged for Ms. Xu to be hospitalized and performed gravel treatment for her.

It turned out that Ms. Xu saw the hawthorn sold in the WeChat fruit group a few days ago, so she bought an order, about 300g.That night, she ate all the hawthorn in one breath.After a few days, she began to pain in her abdomen.

Wu Bo introduced: "Every year when you eat persimmons and hawthorn, the hospital can always encounter a few such patients. After eating a bunch of persimmons or hawthorn, abdominal pain and bloating occur.At first glance, gastric stones! Recently, there are 5 cases of gastroscopy found and treated in the gastroscopy of the endoscopic center. "

Many people think that hawthorn appetizes, and it is easy to eat more.As everyone knows, this is the main cause of gastric stone.

Hawthorn is rich in tannic acid. Under the action of gastric acid, it is easy to generate some precipitates that are not easily dissolved. This is a hard stomach.The human stomach is like a big pocket. Both ends are connected to the esophagus and intestine. Generally, the large stomach stones are stranded in the stomach. If the symptoms are mild, the patient will not have obvious discomfort. Once the stomach is stuck in the intestine,Local, obstruction and perforation are troublesome.


The impact of stomach stones on the body

Acute type: Eating a large amount of persimmons, hawthorn, black dates, etc. symptoms (such as sinking, nausea and vomiting, etc.).

Chronic type: The course of disease is more than six months. Symptoms are similar to digestive ulcers or chronic gastritis (such as loss of appetite, indigestion, upper abdominal pain, anti -acid heart burning, malignant vomiting, etc.).

Due to the mechanical wear of gastric stones, the formation of ulcers can also occur, and blood and black stool can also occur.


What should I do if I have stomach stones?

For medical treatment in time, drugs are generally treated, such as oral soda, carbonated beverages, acidic suppression agents, etc., and it is recommended to diet.

Gastroscopy and gastroscopy are performed to avoid complications such as digestive ulcers, bleeding, and obstruction.

When the treatment of internal medicine is invalid, surgery can be taken for surgical treatment.


How to "enjoy food, stay away from stomach stones"?

Avoid eating persimmons, hawthorn, jujube, apple, grapes, pomegranate and other foods containing tannic acid.

Eat the above fruit after meals, don’t eat too much.

Poor stomach dynamics, stomach emptiness delaying the elderly, severe acid -burning heartburn and children should avoid eating the above fruit.

Do not eat with high protein foods such as fish and meat.Under the influence of tannic acid, high -protein foods are easily solidified into pieces to generate stones.

If you have discomfort after eating, you must pay attention to go to the hospital in time.

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Hawthorn appetizers, don’t eat more in one breath!

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