A cat has these performances, indicating that its body is covered with "bugs"

In the process of raising cats, cats will inevitably occur in infection with parasites. So do you know what the cats are infected with parasites?In fact, a cat has these performances, indicating that its body is covered with "bugs"!

1. Several decline

If your cat has a loss of appetite, and the kitten who usually loves rice suddenly does not like to eat, it means that the cat’s belly is covered with bugs, because the worm’s body blocks the cat’s intestines, so the cat’s catThis happens.

2. The gums become pale

The owner can also observe the cat’s gum condition to determine whether the cat is infected with the parasitic. If the cat’s gums become pale, then this is the logo of the cat infected with the parasite.Pale.

3. Vomiting in severe vomiting

In the process of breeding cats, occasionally vomiting is normal, because cats sometimes eat too much or vomit in order to exhale hair balls, but your cat has severe vomiting and is very frequent.Note, it means that there are worms in the cat’s body!

4. There are insects and blood in the stool

If the cat in your family has abnormal conditions, such as the stool with insects and even blood in the stool, it means that the cat has been infected by parasites.

5. Abdominal enlargement

If your cat’s abdomen becomes very swollen and eliminates the factors of excessive obesity and pregnancy, then it means that your cat’s belly is already crowded with parasites!

6. The more you eat, the thinner

If your cat can eat and drink, but the body is getting thinner and thinner, and it becomes thinner, which is also related to the infected parasite, because the cat’s belly has a parasite, and the nutrients taken every day will be absorbed by the parasites, soCats will gradually lose weight.

1. Usually pay attention to cleaning and hygiene. After returning home, wash your hands and then kick the cat. The owner’s clothes and shoes may carry outdoor parasites and eggs. Parasites can infect cats indirectly.

2. It is necessary to help cats regularly to do insect repellent. Generally, it is once every March in the body and once every month in vitro. You can adjust according to the specific living habits of the cat. After each deworming, feed the cat’s probiotics to help regulate the gastrointestinal and intestines.Essence

3. Do not eat raw meat for cats. The staple food should be mainly cat food, which is directly related to the cat’s health.When choosing cat food, try to choose some nutritional balance and low salt. Before, the editor introduced how to choose a good cat food, but there are still many shovel officers still do not understand. If necessary, you can click below below.Link to make up lessons!

Cat food selection method: "How to choose a good cat food?What brand of cat food does a cat eat?"


Do you have these symptoms in your cat?

How long do you usually give your cat an insect?

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