A few days after pregnancy, there is a "early pregnancy reaction"?These 3 "feelings" implies that you are happy!

For the couple who prepare for pregnancy, waiting is very tortured, especially for couples who are preparing for more than half a year.However, after the ovulation during ovulation, it takes a few days to know whether she has successfully conceived.In fact, if you want to know if you are pregnant, your body will send us some signals.A few days after pregnancy, there is a "early pregnancy reaction"

Under normal circumstances, women will choose to do the same room during ovulation. If the fertilized eggs can successfully bed in the uterus, then it means that a woman is pregnant.The fertilized egg was successfully bed, about 7-10 days after the same room.At this time, our body may not have much feeling, but the test paper test can help you test whether you are pregnant.

However, if you want to have an early pregnancy reaction, you must also appear around the third week of pregnancy, such as pregnancy, loss of appetite, fatigue, frequent urination, and so on.This symptom of early pregnancy will last about 12 weeks of pregnancy, but there are also some people who will be accompanied by the entire pregnancy.That is to say, after a woman has just become pregnant, her body basically does not feel. Generally, it will feel like one or two months.

1. chest tenderness and softness

When some women come to menstruation, they will feel chest pain. In fact, after women are pregnant, chest pain will occur.This is because after a woman is pregnant, the implantation of fertilized eggs will increase hormone secretion in the body, which will stimulate the breasts, causing the breast to be soft and tingling.After the body gradually adapts to this technological change, the discomfort of the chest will slowly disappear.

2. Pregnancy

When we see a woman nausea, the first reaction is whether she is pregnant.In many TV series, women are generally nauseous, and they are basically pregnant.In fact, pregnancy vomiting symptoms.It will appear about one month after pregnancy, that is, about 6 weeks of pregnancy.Pregnancy vomiting is also caused by changes in hormones in the body.

3. Menstruation stop

For many careless women, menstruation is a very important signal for them to test their pregnancy.If you usually have menstruation, but this time it is postponed to 7-10 days, this time you better use pregnancy test paper to test. If two red bars are displayed, then congratulations, you have successfully conceived.

The above three feelings are the signal of your pregnancy. Have you felt it?What else do you need to add to this?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below.

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