A few days before and after the "Aunt Auntie" belong to the ovulation period, learn to see the ovulation day to protect yourself

"Auntie" is not a relative, but a convention of women in the physiological period.

In the way of contraception, there is one of the contraception through calculating the safety period, and the safety period is determined according to the time of the aunt.Many people think that the "first seven and eight" is a safe period, that is, the first seven days and eight days of the "Aunt Aunt" day.

Xiaoxia recently questioned this so -called safety period. She belonged to her pregnancy -prone constitution and had a son with her husband after marriage.

Considering the cause of work, Xiaoxia has no plans to give birth to a second child in recent years, and she and her husband have always adopted the way of safe contraception.

Xiaoxia’s "aunt" has always been on time, but this month is delayed.Xiao Xia opened the record book and calculated, and found that her aunt had been postponed for a full week. Now, she can no longer calm down. She quickly placed an order of pregnancy test sticks on her mobile phone and walked into the bathroom with a stunned mood.Essence

Xiaoxia was unwilling to see the "big double bar" on the pregnancy test stick. She was really pregnant!

Xiaoxia couldn’t cry and laughed, and she and her husband had no intention to have a second child.The daughter was just a week and a half, and the family was too busy to make friends. She really had no energy to take care of her second child.

Xiaoxia was very puzzled that she and her husband had adopted contraceptive measures for a safe period.It seems that the way of safe contraception is really unreliable.

If you want to know whether the safe period of contraception is reliable, we need to first understand how this "safety period" is calculated.

There is also a "ovulation period" corresponding to the "safe period".For women with regular menstruation, the ovulation day is 14 days before the next menstruation.A few days before and after the ovulation day belong to the ovulation period. If the husband and wife are in the same room during this period, the probability of "winning" is very high.

However, the menstrual cycle of women is affected by many factors. Sometimes it may be because the work pressure is too large, and the ovulation date is advanced or pushed back. This is why the "safe period" is sometimes not reliable.

For couples who are preparing for pregnancy, the frequency of the same room during ovulation should be increased.If the husband and wife do not have a baby to have a baby, then the "ovulation period" is equivalent to the "dangerous period", and during this period of time, we must pay special attention to contraception.

Seeing this, maybe some people will have such questions. Since the calculated ovulation day is sometimes unreliable, is there a more reliable way to know that they are about to ovulation?

In fact, before the arrival of ovulation day, a woman’s body will change a lot. If you are careful enough, you can detect the arrival of the ovulation day.

● Measure the basic body temperature

Women’s body temperature changes before ovulation.If you want to know if you are about to ovulate, women can develop the habit of recording the basic body temperature.

How to measure the basic body temperature?Every morning after the morning, women can place the thermometer under the armpits or oral cavity before the activity, measure and record their body temperature value.

At this time, the body temperature measured is the basic body temperature. When the ovulation day arrives, the basic body temperature of women will reach the lowest value of a cycle.

After the eggs are excreted, the body temperature of women will usher in an increase in 0.3 to 0.5 degrees Celsius.However, it is worth noting that in this way, it is only suitable for healthy women with normal menstruation and normal hormone secretion.

● Small abdomen has pain

When the follicles in the ovary gradually mature, they will raise the surface of the ovary.As the pressure of the ovary rises, the protruding part of the ovarian tissue becomes thinner and thinner under the action of pressure until it breaks.At this time, even if the follicles were rushed out of the ovaries together, this was the entire process of ovulation.

Since there is rupture, it will inevitably cause the pain of the human body.Sometimes we do not notice this pain because the pain of ovulation is not strong.

And some women are very sensitive to their bodies. When ovulation, they will feel a slight tingling and pulling sensation in the abdomen.Through this pain, we can also know whether we ovulate.

● Lands sticky brushes

Want to know when you will ovulate, and there is a more commonly used way to observe your leucorrhea secretion.

If your leucorrhea becomes sticky and brushed, then ovulation will often occur after 24 hours to 48 hours.

What is the basis of this leucorrhea rust speculating ovulation?

Before ovulation comes, the estrogen in our body reaches a peak.Under the action of estrogen, the amount of leucorrhea we secreted has increased.The leucorrhea contains a lot of protein, which can be brushed.

After our ovulation, the estrogen in the body will fall sharply, the secretion of leucorrhea will also be reduced, and the condition of the leucorrhea rus will no longer exist.

● B ultrasound monitor ovulation

Although the above -mentioned methods of grasping ovulation days have a certain scientific basis behind it, the accuracy is not very high, and it is affected by women’s physical conditions.Some women may change their body temperature irregular and cannot accurately infer the arrival of ovulation day.

If you want to accurately know when your ovulation day is, another way is to go to the hospital for follicular monitoring.Doctors will observe the development of follicles through B -ultrasound, and can even accurately see the shape and size of the follicles, as well as whether women ovulate.

But the disadvantage of this method is time -consuming and expensive.Before ovulation day, women need to run the hospital for examination multiple times.

It is important for women with willingness to have fertility.For women who have no fertility plan, knowing when she ovulates is also of great significance.Knowing the ovulation day can women be able to do more targeted contraception and better protect themselves.

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