A little belly is the normal body of girls

Sisters, good evening, I am super.

Isn’t it the temperature that is the most suitable for girls recently?Two days ago, I thought about referring to the navel of a female love bean. I just wanted to place the same paragraph, but I stopped my hand because of the black powder in the comments.

"Is this small abdomen determined to be pregnant?" "Can this belly be called female love beans?" "What about the most basic figure management?", Knowing that some words were deliberately discredited her, but as a girl, I was very very seeing these.Unwilling.

I won’t say who the female star is, but I can swear that her little belly in that picture is definitely not as exaggerated as I am pregnant. At best, it is the normal raised after eating.Small.

I am not her fans, but those speeches are really angry: Isn’t it a little belly?Who hasn’t ordered a small belly yet?How many male celebrities have a beer belly and no one cares about. When the female star has a drum after eating, she starts to make rumors?

Not only are the requirements for female stars, I find that many people have a lot of misunderstandings about women’s belly and belly. They think that women should be flat if they eat or not, as long as they have a good body and belly.

I can say that it is very thin, and the weight is 100 pounds, but I still laughed at my small belly and belly.

What made me remember is that shortly after the relationship with the current time, he asked me, "Why don’t you have a Bikini Bridge?" The so -called Bikini bridge refers to a gap between the girls and swimming trunks after the girl wears a bikini.This is regarded as a criterion for judging a girl who is thin and not thin.I was so angry at the time.

On the other hand, I went to eat buffet with my ex -. After eating, the two people’s stomachs were drum, but he always laughed at my stomach to eat higher than my chest. Obviously his belly was much better than me.

Last week, I saw a blogger who took a blogger on Xiaohongshu to take a spicy stomach after eating and ask us what girls were like after eating?I can only say that those flat belly and lower abdomen are fake, and they can be obtained by inhalation of abdomen. Only the following one is the most authentic.

People have a bumpy meal. The girls have more uterus than boys, so they are drums in the lower abdomen. Isn’t these common sense?

Even from a scientific perspective, the abdomen is the most likely to accumulate fat, which is the same regardless of men and women.

A little abdominal fat is actually good for the body. It can protect your stomach, intestines and other fragile organs, but it is definitely not good to accumulate too much fat.

In addition, the bones of men and women are also slightly different. For example, women’s pelvis will be relatively large, and pelvic bones will lean forward, and naturally form a protruding body shape.

Women also have more organs in the uterus than men.The size of an adult woman is usually 7 × 5 × 3cm and weighs about 50g. It is located in the middle of the pelvic cavity and is an inverted pear -shaped.

The pelvic cavity where the uterus is located is in the middle of the lower abdomen, that is, the location of the "woman’s belly" in everyone’s cognition.

In other words, whether it is the bone structure of women or the physiological structure, it is doomed to look a little protruding from the belly of women, including a small belly.

I don’t think people are ashamed of what they can’t control. As long as they are not overly obese, and in the health range, there is a small belly and a lower abdomen that is the normal body of human beings!

Wearing clothes just shows it, but it does not mean that you have eaten your belly and drumming is "fat", nor does it mean that women are a bit of belly to be "pregnant."

It is good to show the perfect figure on social platforms, but don’t forget what the human body is like. The photos after those inhaled and P -pictures are really beautiful, but they are not realistic.

In recent years, it has become more and more popular in clothes. It means that even if you have a small belly and the lower abdomen is raised, you can still wear a umbilical outfit.Even if you flat your chest, you can wear tight clothes. You do n’t need to deliberately put into a big chest, including armpit hair, you may not be scraped off.

If others ask why they do not cover up their "disadvantages", they will counterattack him, "What is it? Did I have a small belly and abdomen abnormal?", "What happened to the chest? And I didn’t want you like it" or "Who has no armpit hair?"

There is no normal thing between people, and there is no restriction on the clothes itself. It is because people have stronger aesthetics in clothes.

Although I can’t do myself completely, I hope that one day in the future, we can accept the original appearance of our body, and also accept every possible figure, good night.

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