A magical journey of pregnancy, fetal dream

Marriage in February 2019

In February 2018, we got married.When you get married, you plan to have a child for 2 years, and play with one more world.Haha, but the child is here.In May 2018, it was that I was still sleepy at work. Then I dreamed of a girl around 12 years old at night. On the side of the road, she was on the other side, and I looked at me and laughed.I said why you don’t go home to find your mother.Later, he can also be able to reach similar energy. The younger girl who dreams for the second time is about 8 years old. I don’t remember the conversation.The last thing I dreamed was the baby. I still hugged her. She cried in her dream, and I would still feel distressed.During this period, it was sleepy, and there was no spirit every day.I didn’t use test strips, I thought it should be pregnant.Then that day was tested, and it was pregnant.The mood was complicated, and I felt that it was a fate, and I dreamed that I told me.I also believe that I must be a girl.In tangled, how much pregnancy work will be affected.But still want.

In September 2018, I always spit it, and even vomited blood for too much stomach acid.Then I went back to my hometown to cultivate.During this period, my mother -in -law took care of me.That was my weight from 110 to 135. I still thought it was okay, and in the end, I controlled this weight.My mother -in -law took care of it very well. I was 150 pounds in 7 months, pubic pain.It is 160 pounds in 8 months, and stretch marks are the same as watermelon.It was 180 pounds in 9 months and his body was very heavy.At that time, I was hungry. Because of the first child, I did n’t know if I controlled the weight, and the doctor did not say how big the fetus was.It’s terrible to think about it now, 180 pounds I feel like a kiln.

February 19, 2019, this day is due to the due date, and this day is the Lantern Festival. It is also said that if it was born, it was called dumplings.

February 20. After a day of due date, I went to the delivery examination. At that time, the doctor was deducted. The urine protein was 3+ and the body was very edema.In fact, the first month 13 was normal, and blood pressure was normal.But it is high in a few days, and all kinds of indicators have been going up.At 7 pm at 2-20, direct cesarean section, bowing waist and hemp medicine, and started surgery in a while.The stomach is open, but I do n’t know what it ’s painful, but I still know what the doctor is doing.I feel that my children are dragged out. The doctor also said that the child was too lazy and he was still sleeping.My daughter, 9 catties were born 3. 3.

Although there is no pain in the cesarean section, the stomach after surgery is extremely painful.The pain was because the knife was not good yet, and he pulled his stomach to pull the knife.Many people don’t want the second child to originate at this time.

Feeding, it is a big barrier. Lie on the side of the abdomen, it hurts without milk.There are two babies next to my bed, and people have to be handy.I can’t.In the confinement, I basically lie down, and I only got out of bed when I eat.Don’t read your mobile phone or read books, afraid of destroying your eyes.The older generation said.The rest were care for her mother -in -law, thank her.When I confinement, I feel that I am still fat, and I have more than 160 catties after giving birth.Blame your mouth.

I came out of work until the age of 1 and a half years old.The most painful thing is to wean her. She cried and didn’t drink milk powder.She is uncomfortable, and I am as uncomfortable.Physical pain.

The daughter is currently 2 years old and 4 months old.Looking back at the previous drips, it is not easy to be a mother.I also know that my mother brings her own hard work.I am aware of my mother.Now think about it, I feel that pregnancy is nothing, just overcome it.Busy at work is not so fat.

We are 16th in the first month, so the little name is Xiao Pomegranate.Is it very interesting?

[呲 []: There are many characters in women, wife, mother, mother -in -law, and work.They are all very important. At present, my life is dominated by various things.So work hard, conquer life.

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