A pregnant mother in India ate pineapple with firecrackers, and she couldn’t despair after eating …

In the past few days, Indian Internet users have mourned a mother’s elephant on social networks because its death is too sad.

Local officials from Karara, India, introduced that the mother elephant should have eaten pineapple with firecrackers during her lifetime, which caused the mouth to be severely injured. After eating for several days in a row, she could only choose to stand in the river water to die …

According to British media reports such as Sky News Network, Mohan Chris, a forest manager of Marlapland County, Karala, India, told the media the murder of the mother elephant on the 2nd this month.

According to its introduction, the mother elephant is 15 years old and has lived in the Lakad National Park in Karara for a long time.

Chrisan said that in late May, it just left the forest shortly after pregnancy and went to a nearby village for food.

In the process, the mother elephant should be fed with pineapples with firecrackers with firecrackers, which caused the entire mouth to be severely injured: "When pineapple explodes in its mouth, it must be shocked.I may not be thinking about the pain I suffered, but I am thinking about the fetus in my stomach. "

The report also said that the last time people saw that the mother elephant was on May 27, when it had been unable to eat for several days in a row, and stood in the river motionless.

Chrisan and his team arranged other two elephants to go down the river to try to seduce them ashore, but did not work.

Chrisan said, "I think the mother may have a sense of six, and it doesn’t want us to do anything for it."

Chrisnan shot the final image of the mother elephant during his lifetime, showing that the mother elephant had always buried her mouth in the water.He speculated that the mother elephant may be too painful and had to use such a way to prevent the wound from attracting flies or mosquitoes.

Chrisnan pointed out, "In the last few days of life, the mother elephant was suffered from suffering, and in the process of running across the village with serious injuries and pain, she never thought about going to step on and destroy the villagers’ houses, and crops.This shows its goodness. "

The next day, the mother elephant died slowly in the river, and people finally dragged them ashore and transported them back to the forest.

Chrisan said, "On the land where the mother elephant played and grew up, we simply set up a table and cremated it on it.Bow and pay tribute to us humans. "

The Karara State Forestry Bureau also issued a post on Twitter on June 3 to mourn the mother elephant.The department wrote:

Article 51-A (G) of the Indian Constitution stipulates that it is the responsibility of each Indian citizen to maintain sympathy for each life body.The pregnant mother elephant in the picture was killed in the conflict between humans and wild animals and plants.(We) have taken action.But where are our duties?Where is human nature?

Regarding the specific cause of the mother elephant, the Karara State Forestry Bureau stated that it is necessary to conduct a cautious investigation.

The Karara State Forestry Bureau said that the results of the maternal corpse test showed that it may be born from 18 to 22 months, and the pregnancy cycle of an adult mother elephant is about 24 months, so it is judged that it is just a rigidSoon after pregnancy; and the stomach contains, the food that the mother eaten at the end of her life was pineapple.

In addition, from the perspective of the injury of the oral cavity, the fact that the mother elephant is injured can basically be confirmed, but whether it is artificially concluded.

Because in the local area, in order to prevent wild boars from destroying crops, the villagers usually set up traps around the fields to lure or drive wild boars with some foods. These foods will have firecrackers.As a result, the maternal elephant can not rule out the pineapple with firecrackers with firecrackers, which is the possibility of bait.

Regardless of whether it is deliberately feeding or the maternal elephant itself, according to the "Wild Animal Protection Law" issued by the Indian government in 1972, using trap to lure, damage or kill animals is a cruel way, and must be punished, especially wild wildElephants are also strictly protected species.

At present, the Karara State Forestry Bureau has established a task group to investigate on the premise of intentional injuries, and no one has been arrested as a result.At the same time, the department also welcomes the public to provide valuable clues.

On the social network of India, netizens heard the mourning of the pregnant mother’s death:

"Lack of sympathy??? We failed to be human beings"

"Celebrity and common sense can not be provided, Karara just proves this."

"It doesn’t matter what the reason. (I want to come out) Pineapple with firecrackers (people) should always be punished."

"What happened to us (on your body)"

On the Change.org petition website, more than 70,000 Indian Internet users have jointly signed, asking the government to set up a higher -level task force to comprehensively investigate the death of the mother elephant, and return it a justice.However, the Indian central government has not responded to this petition for the time being.

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