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In 2015, the country opened the second child policy, and the second child was in the heart of many childcare couples.With the pregnancy experience of a second -child mother, this article tells that I am determined to conceive my second child from tangling to the end, and I have done my best to become a happy second mother and the journey of life. I feel true and mixed.EssenceReaders, especially readers who are preparing to give birth to the second child, can realize the taste from the middle and get useful references and revelations.

The pregnancy experience of a second -child mother


These trivial memories and the consideration of life are dedicated to every ordinary and great mother, and expressed lofty respect to all the obstetrics and gynecologists who are full of love and responsibility.

——The author

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Xinmei did not expect a country’s policy to lead her life to a new channel.It was October 29, 2015. On Thursday, a family of three Xinmei had dinner in the school cafeteria, and her husband sent his son to the Go Academy to go to Go.She returned home slowly all the way. It was already at 7 o’clock. Opening the TV, the news network was playing an important decision of the Fifth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee. Suddenly, the announcer said, "Promote the balanced population development. Adhere to the basic national policy of family planning.Population development strategy. A comprehensive implementation of a couple can give birth to two children’s policies. Improving public service levels such as reproductive health, maternal and child health care, and childcare. "

Sure enough!Xin Mei was overjoyed.In the past ten years, all her love and expectations have fallen on her son. She feels more and more mental stress. The couple have imagined that there is a two treasures.when.

Xinmei quickly bought a few books about the second child on the Internet to browse pregnancy.It ’s a scary to watch. The elderly women are unusual for pregnancy. The pregnancy rate is low. The maternal abortion rate is 31%.There are many medical examination items, such as reproductive systems, liver function, routine urine, gynecological endocrine, oral cavity, liver function, and chromosomal abnormalities.

If there is a problem with the medical examination, you must treat it to prepare for pregnancy.One or two years later, the age is growing, and various risks are increasing.

Time and time, Xin Mei never felt that time would be so urgent.The age of 35 is an age. For Xin Mei, who is about to 42, does not seem to have so much time to book plans, do inspection and treatment.She feels like she is going to take risks.

A few years ago, I got on the ring.Prepare pregnancy.Xinmei learned from the Internet that the ring was done within 7 days after menstruation was clean.It happened two days after this menstruation, and it was too late to take the ring.

On the third day, Xin Mei hurried to the Maternal and Child Health Hospital early in the morning, and then checked the situation.

The doctor on duty asked: "Do you want a second child?"

Xin Mei replied, "Yes."

The doctor took the leucorrhea, and then pressed Xinmei’s abdomen and asked, "Doesn’t it hurt?"

It hurts a bit, but the flash of flashes passed.Xin Mei replied, "It hurts a bit."

The doctor said, "I think there is inflammation, it will definitely hurt."

The leucorrhea results showed bacterial vaginal disease, which was inflammated.The doctor prescribed some medicines and said, "A delicious 3 -day medicine, rinse the vagina, and strive for qualification. On the 3rd, I went to Dinghui Hospital to handle surgery."

Xinmei nodded and agreed.In the next three days, she took the medicine on time and washed the vagina as the doctor’s instructions.The flushing utensils are a small piston. You can only suck a little water each time, plug into the vagina, launch the solution, remove it, and then come back. It takes 20 minutes each time, and repeats countless times.

In this way, another preparation for breeding.When people reach middle age, they are different from the beginning.The boss was unintentionally pregnant.It’s not as simple as the first pregnancy.Only a healthy vagina is required to take a ring surgery, let alone breed the fetus.In recent years, Xinmei felt that the function of this body was declining. Although she had some notice, it was not unusual until she was going to bred a second child.

Three days later, Xinmei rushed to the hospital at 6 in the morning.Blood testing, urine test, gynecological B -ultrasound, leucorrhea, a series of necessary inspections are completed as required.At 9 o’clock, all inspections have results.After reading it, the doctor said that the indicators are normal and can take the ring.

Xin Mei was ecstatic, and after three days of hard treatment, it was effective.

The nurse said that the surgery could be done in the morning.

Xinmei felt a little embarrassed and asked, "Can it be done in the afternoon? Because there is a meeting at 10 am, there is a meeting that must be attended."

The nurse replied: "Yes, but you have to rush back 1 o’clock, and you can’t eat it."

Xin Mei agreed, and then paid the cost of surgery.From the West Fourth Ring Road to the location of the East Third Ring Road, almost half of the Beijing city.Xin Mei hurried to the unit and hurried back to the hospital after the meeting.The waiting hall is full of patients and family members.Xin Mei thought about her alone, and she was a little aggrieved, but she thought that her husband was busy, so she had to comfort herself.

At 1:15, the nurse began to convene patients.There are rings of the ring, as well as the flow of people.No family members were told to put their clothes and packages into the cabinet.Xin Mei put the clothes and put on the sick clothes.

You have to rinse before going to the operating table.The flushing rack looked high, Xinmei told the nurse, "It’s so high, how do you go up?"

The nurse was very impatient and said aggressively, "Can you get it, how can you not get it?" Then he explained how Xinmei lay down, and a sentence was sprayed, "

Xin Mei felt that there was a fire in her heart to come up, but when I thought about the work of this nurse, she faced patients who were surgery every day. How boring, it was too difficult to face the reproductive organs of dozens of women.Tired and bored, understandable.Thinking about it this way, Xinmei not only was not angry, but was full of respect for the nurse’s work, and could not help but say: "Thank you!"

Rinse, awakening the memories of the upper ring and the flow of people.Women’s genitals, women’s sacred organs, make women become mothers’ organs, making women glory also painful women.Xinmei is full of tenderness for this life organs.The nurse rinsed with warm water and washed with disinfection water to clean it and prepare for the brewing of life.

After washing, I walked to the operating room. I went to the operating table. The doctor asked the name. Xinmei reported the name and said that it was taken.The doctor said lying down.Xinmei lay quietly.She heard the doctor communicating, and one person said, "The second child policy is relaxed, the hospital should not be busy, and the reproductive department will get rich."

Some doctors replied: "That’s not necessarily. Some people may not want it, and they don’t want it."

Xinmei listened, her thoughts were flying, and she knew some of the second babies who did not want it. Some because no one brought it, and some of them were still worried about looking for kindergartens to find elementary schools.A college classmate had to be pregnant, but after 4 months, there was no fetal heart.

Suddenly I heard a voice asking: "Are you ready to have a second child?"

Xin Mei was lying on the operating table, and the voice of talking was very confident, saying, "There is this idea. However, this age, maybe it is not necessary to say it."

The doctor covered Xin Mei’s lower body and started to take the ring.In the past few years, it was easier to go to the ring, so I put it on.However, take the ring, the ring may be embedded in the meat, take out the ring, and it hurts.

Sure enough, there was a painful pain in the vagina, "Oh, it hurts!" Xin Mei couldn’t help screaming.

The doctor said, "Keep holding, don’t move."

Xin Mei endured the pain and hurt!After a while, the pain weakened.

The doctor said, "Look, take it out, all take it out, you see."

Xin Mei watched a small nail with a bloodshot in the doctor’s hand. Who invented such a small thing can avoid the distress of pregnancy and stop the birth of life.

Xinmei got off the operating table.Belly pain, how can it hurt so much?Oh, it’s vaginal injury.Suddenly I felt tired again, walked out of the operating room, changed clothes in the locker room, and there were people who were changing clothes to prepare in.Whether it is taking the ring, the upper ring, or the flow of people, it is painful.

Xinmei suddenly flashed in her mind that she was pregnant a few years ago. She also saw some students during the flow of people. It is estimated that she had no money to do painless flow.It’s so evil, cut meat.Xinmei couldn’t help but think about it now, and sighed: Woman, she needs to be self -respect, and she should be respected!

Very hungry!I still ate a little bit before dinner the day before. I have n’t eaten for more than ten hours at more than two o’clock in the afternoon.Xin Mei walked out of the registered hall and saw that there was a food at the door, and did not hesitate to buy a piece of cake and a cup of soy milk.Holding the cake and soy milk, her hands trembled, and her movement was gone.

After eating something, Xinmei seemed to have recovered a little effort, called her husband, and asked him if he could pick it up.But he said that he had applied for people, and it was two:30.

Xin Mei wanted to say something complaining, but she swallowed it back to her mouth, and told him, then you go to do your business, let me take a taxi.

I went home and fell asleep when I went home. I felt tired, and I felt like a cotton!

In the next few days, Xinmei still went to work normally, and had to take care of her son.By Saturday, her husband was going to go out early in the morning. Xinmei wanted to sleep and sleep well, but at 8 o’clock, Xin Mei got up again and was busy.It’s right.

At 10 o’clock, the son was still sleeping.Xinmei urged several times, and by 10:30, her son finally had the way to get up, but as soon as she opened her eyes, she said that she would start watching "Running Brothers".

Xin Mei said, "Son, don’t watch TV together. I have watched it last night. It is meaningful to watch it again today? Too wasteful time. There is also an English class in the afternoon. Can you finish your homework first?Review the content you learned last week? "

My son shouted: "Who told you to make me so many extra -curricular classes, and I didn’t have to rest on the weekend, annoyed, I can’t get it."

Xin Mei was surprised and said, "Is there two extra -curricular classes, many? And you have never asked you to take any exams, and you will not put pressure on you at all. If you are more serious, your grades will not.That’s it. Look at your classmate Xiao Zhang. Extra -class in English and mathematics is later than you. Now you have entered the top class and have been admitted by the National People’s Congress Affiliated High School. "

My son replied, "I have worked very hard." Said turning over and took out a comic party from the schoolbag.

Xin Mei was speechless.She loves children, but she hates these loose behaviors.The child’s problem is a family problem, the most important thing is the mother’s problem.Xinmei educated children to be sunny and kind. These children are reflected, but she guilty that she had no experience in educating their children, and did not strictly educate him to cherish time, obey the rules, and did not establish authority in front of the children.

Whenever there is a contradiction between mother and son and the contradiction between father and son, Xinmei will regret it, and she will also think that if there is a second child, they will never repeat the same mistakes.

Now there are policies, taking the ring.Xinmei, full of pain and depression, has never been so eager to have a second child, especially looking forward to having a daughter.It is said that the child’s personality is related to the state of the expectant mother when she is pregnant. The child’s character is irritable and sensitive, which may be related to the anxiety and attentiveness of expectant mothers during pregnancy.When Xinmei was Huai Dabao, it was during the "SARS" period. Beijing City was shrouded in fear. The inner anxiety could be imagined. No wonder the son’s personality was impatient, and sometimes particularly sensitive and delicate.Today, when she is middle -aged, she will be calm and calm in October.How she is eager to give birth to a two treasures that don’t cry, quiet and sweet.It is best to be a daughter. In this way, the family atmosphere that becomes more and more tense because of the son’s problem will be changed, making the son softer, knowing how to love, and knowing the responsibility and responsibility as a brother.that would be nice!

The doctor explained that after taking the ring, you can only prepare for pregnancy after two months of menstruation.In the past two years, Xinmei’s menstrual cycle has been normal, less than two days before and after.After taking the ring, both menstruation in November and December came as scheduled.It seems that you can try luck in January.

Whether the conception is successful is directly related to the same room during ovulation.Generally speaking, the ovulation period is calculated for 14 days on the first day of the next menstruation.Sperm can only survive in the vagina for 24 hours, so there is a possibility of conception during ovulation.

Xinmei calculated the specific time of the ovulation period in January, waiting for the result of the first test.After a few days of ovulation, she suddenly felt unsatisfactory sleep at night and her palms were fever.Feeling tired, similar to when he was pregnant with his son, he suddenly went upstairs.I woke up two or three times at night, and I had some frequent urination during the day.All signs made Xinmei feel the situation.

But the menstruation in February came on time.

It turns out that all the symptoms are just as the husband says that the mental tension is high.

How can one be done once?Elderly women’s conception rates are extremely low, because of the degradation of ovarian function, fallopian tube blockage, and endometrial in the uterus, women over 40 years of age are only 5%.

Moreover, the beautiful encounter of sperm and eggs is not so easy to meet.A one -time ejaculation will excrete 200 million to 400 million sperm, but only a small number of sperm can enter the vagina, and some sperm are killed because they are not adapted to the acidic environment in the vagina. Only a small number of sperm can quickly break through quicklyEnter the cervix and come to the uterine cavity.After the sperm enters the uterine cavity, it also needs to experience a long and difficult itinerary. Some sperm will be swallowed by white blood cells, and some are eliminated due to physical strength.After thousands of hardships, there are only dozens to 200 sperm around the eggs.They collectively surround the eggs, and only one or two sperm has a chance to combine with the eggs to become a cell, that is, fertilized eggs.

The process of life is destined to be full of suffering from the initial breeding.

Later, Xinmei met a pregnant woman in the B -ultrasound during the birth check -in, saying that she was pregnant for 5 years before she was pregnant. Each time she measured the basal body temperature to calculate the ovulation period, it would collapse, and she wanted to give up many times.

Based on the ovulation period in early March, Xin Mei and their lover were calculated for the second time.Ten days later, she was invited to go to southeast Guizhou to participate in the "Literature and Garden Spring Blossom" literary conference.From Guiyang to Sansui, about 4 hours, Xin Mei was hungry and went to a Miao family restaurant for lunch on the way.Facing the delicious fish, she has no appetite.Without appetite, I do n’t think about diet. This is the most obvious pregnancy response when the boss.Is it really happy?

Talking about literature in the spring rain and gathering with the old friends of literature, he will naturally drink pain, but Xin Mei feels that he has a good body and ashamed to a toasting invitation again and again.On the 21st, when I left Sansui and went to Guiyang, heavy rain was raining.Gathering two hurrieds, there are people who stay in the sky, why is it so embarrassed!Due to the late plane, Xin Mei flew back from Guiyang to Beijing, and it was already more than 3 am to return home.I woke up for a while, Xin Mei felt exhausted, but couldn’t wait to go to the pharmacy to buy early pregnancy test strips.The test results show two lines.Sure enough, I’m pregnant!

Exploited!When the spring blooming in 2016, a beautiful date, Xin Mei’s life continued again.

Then you have to find the maternal and child health hospital to build files.However, for a few days, Xinmei made no registration on the Internet, and she did not sign up in the hospital.The billboard at the entrance of the hospital prompts that the setting period from the expected date to November is full.Xin Mei couldn’t help but rush, and her due date was in November.

After a week, I finally grabbed a number.This is already April 4th. Xinmei rushed to the hospital in the morning. The hospital was like a early market, bustling, and he was overcrowded.After waiting for more than two hours, Xinmei finally heard the radio asking her to go to the third clinic.The doctor asked the last menstrual time.Xin Mei Rujia said that the last menstruation came on February 22.The doctor said that the hospital could no longer build a file and suggested that she find another hospital.

Xinmei also secretly liked this maternal and child health hospital to be close to her home. The birth checkup can avoid running on the road. Where can I think there is still a problem that cannot be built.Some doctors say that after the two -child policy is liberalized, Beijing is expected to be born in 2016 to be born 380,000 to 400,000 monkey babies.The original simple thing to build files suddenly became a problem.

Xinmei quickly rushed to the nearby Sijiqing Hospital, but she had no number.Ask the doctor and said that he could not build a file anymore.

I rushed to Haidian Hospital at 5 o’clock the next morning and waited in line.Xinmei was hung on the 52nd and in the waiting hall of the gynecology department. The nurse reminded that the hospital’s expected period in November could not be built. The place was full, and she advised her to find another hospital.

Xin Mei returned.I called the fellow who had just built the file. She said that she was postponed for a week after the last menstruation was delayed.

If you fail to build a file in a public hospital, you can only go to a private hospital.When you go to a private hospital, you have to spend at least 50,000 to 60,000, and the common is 100,000.It is really a lot of expenses.

Husband was also looking for someone, and finally contacted a friend Dr. Liu.She said she was willing to help try it, but she also said that the elderly maternal maternal like Xinmei, the hospital was not willing to accept it, and could only try to fight.

At 4 am on April 7, her husband drove Xinmei to the People’s Hospital.At that time, the boss was built here. Is there any possibility of archives now?So early, many people were lining up.Xin Mei was anxious.

6:05, finally began to register.The speed of the team’s progress seems to be extremely slow. An old man from a foreign country says that he is in a hurry to see a doctor, and begging Xinmei.She was actually anxious, or let the elderly intervene.It was her turn, but was told that there was no gynecological number throughout the day. The general number of the expert number was gone. There was a special outpatient clinic in the afternoon, with a registration fee of 300 yuan.

Can a special outpatient clinic be built?unknown.Xinmei still hung this number.

At 7:30, Xinmei sent a text message with Dr. Liu again in the boredom.

Doctor Liu replied: I work hard, wait for my news.

Xin Mei was miserable, but had to take the subway to work.The underground in Beijing, the crowded subway suffocated.At around 8:30, the subway opened to Chaoyangmen Station.Doctor Liu called and the signal was not good. Xin Mei made a decisive listening. Let her rush to the health hospital to find the gynecological nurses before 10 am to see if there is still a sign. If there is no number, I will call her.

Xin Mei’s dull heart curtain opened a window, and she murmured to herself: "Chaoyang Gate, a place name that reminds people of the beauty of the sun, I remember you." She hurriedly asked the unit to leave, transferred to the subway to the hospitalEssence

The horse stopped, Xin Mei finally arrived at the hospital before 10 o’clock and found the head nurse, but she said that she had no number.Xinmei called Dr. Liu.Doctor Liu and Xin Mei met. She found a doctor No. 3 and added a number.After Xinmei paid, she walked into the clinic, huh, the last doctor.Xinmei asked her to help with the voice of begging.

The doctor said, "Don’t face so hard, it’s not good for your children."

Xin Meiyi will reach the role of Dr. Liu, and immediately stretch his brows, saying, "Thank you!"

The doctor asked Xinmei’s last menstrual date.Xin Mei said, "Early March."

The doctor laughed: "To be honest, it’s all now."

Xin Mei was a little embarrassed and said, "Is February 24th." It was still kept for two days, so he was so embarrassed!

The doctor issued a checklist to test the urine test.

After taking the results in the afternoon, Xin Mei found the head nurse, and she gave a number to make an appointment.The formal archive must have a B -ultrasound to show early pregnancy results to handle.

On April 12, Xinmei went to the hospital early in the morning to take a B -ultrasound. The ultrasonic examination report form showed that the fetal sac in the palace was 3.1*1.9cm, the size of the fetal bud was 1.0cm, and the fetal heart (+).Ultrasonic reminder: Early pregnancy in the palace (equivalent to 7 weeks and 1 day pregnancy).

What a powerful B -ultrasound and precise, so the last menstrual period is February 22.Invisible fertilized eggs, after 20 days of division and growth, have become an embryo and have fetal heart.The mother and son are connected. Although the mother can’t hear its heartbeat, she can perceive its existence.

Give the B -ultrasound to the doctor to see that the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment can be built.

Xin Mei took the B -ultrasound results, ID cards, clinics cards, Beijing mother and child health files, etc., and officially established files in the nurse’s office, getting the medical record number.This means that there are formal hospitals for production inspection and production.

Thinking back to the weeks of toil, seeking hope in despair, anxiety in the joy of joy, Xin Mei’s heart is turbulent.

Second, the mountains and water are doubtful and there is no way

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