Abdominal pain during pregnancy may be caused by these reasons!Novice mother watched more peace of mind

Abdominal pain during pregnancy is a situation that many expectant mothers will encounter, so how do we solve at this time?Don’t panic!

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish the cause of abdominal pain, and then take the corresponding countermeasure solution.We are generally divided into physiological abdominal pain and pathological abdominal pain.

Pregnant mothers often experience pain in lower abdomen in early pregnancy. The lower abdomen may have mild lower abdomen discomfort similar to menstrual periods, with a sense of falling, and a sense of unreal. As long as there is no severe abdominal painThere is no big problem with bleeding.This abdominal pain can be relieved after resting.

Physiological abdominal pain is generally caused by stretching of uterine ligaments, normal uterine contraction, fetal movement, etc.

1. Abdominal pain caused by fetal movement

28-32 weeks of pregnancy is the most significant period of fetal movement.At this time, the fetus gradually grew up, and there were more and more space occupying the uterus. Correspondingly, the space where the fetus could move in the mother’s uterus was getting smaller and smaller.Feeling pain, especially if the baby’s head hit the muscles of the mother’s pelvis bottom, the pain will be more obvious.

2. Abdominal pain caused by uterine compression ribs

As the fetal development gradually matures, the uterus of pregnant women gradually expands and increases. At this time, the huge uterus will often stimulate and compress the ribs, thereby bringing pain to pregnant women.

However, this kind of abdominal pain does not need to do some therapeutic work. You only need to make some adjustments in daily life. For example, using the sleeping posture of the left -side lying on the left can be relieved of this type of abdominal pain.

3. Abdominal pain caused by fake contraction

By the stage of pregnancy, there will be some fake contraction phenomenon. This contraction can bring abdominal pain to the prospective mother to a certain extent, and this abdominal pain will generally disappear during the day at night.

Compared with abdominal pain before delivery, the frequency of contractions in this case is not consistent, the continuous time is not fixed, and the pain of the pain is relatively long and there is no regularity. In addition, this abdominal pain is not accompanied by the feeling of falling.However, on the other hand, fake contractions also indicate that they are about to give birth, so reminding expectant mothers should prepare early, raise precision, and keep their physical strength to welcome the baby’s arrival.

1. Abdominal pain caused by placental peeling

This situation usually occurs in the third trimester, and the premature peeling of the placenta is generally due to chronic hypertension or hypertension syndrome during pregnancy, or the abdomen of pregnant women has been stimulated by external forces.Typical symptoms are obvious pain in the lower abdomen of the pregnant woman, tearing, and generally the symptoms of bleeding at this time.

The degree of abdominal pain is affected by factors such as placenta peeling area, bleeding, intrauterine pressure, and damage to the degree of uterine muscle layer. In severe cases, abdominal hardening, weak fetal movement, and even disappearing, and more severe shock will occur.

2. Bading pain caused by the cracking of the threatened uterus

The uterine rupture often occurs in a short period of time. It can make women feel severe pain in the lower abdomen for a long time, and before it happens, the phenomenon of flushing and shortness of breath occurs.

When rupture, there will be severe painful pain. After the rupture, the pain can be slightly relieved, but the contraction of the uterus will stop, and the degree of abdominal pain will continue to increase with amniotic fluid, blood, and fetus entering the abdominal cavity.The phenomenon of shock will occur.

What should I do if I encounter abdominal pain?

1. When the waist is sore and the abdomen is severe, the abdomen is heavy, and the activity is stopped in time, rests more, and pay attention to observation.2. Avoid excessive fatigue and severe activities. Within 3 months of pregnancy, there is a period of high miscarriage, and sexual life should be avoided as much as possible.3. If abdominal pain is accompanied by vaginal coffee -like and brown blood flowing out, you need to go to the doctor in time to treat tire protection according to the doctor’s order.

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