After 10 pregnancy, 8 production, 86 -year -old grandmother’s "unspeakable hidden", elderly women are alert to this "terrible" disease

"I finally don’t have to be afraid of the meat that falls out of my stomach ‘, and it doesn’t hurt to walk, thank you Director Zhao! Thank you for the medical staff of the Siyuan!" On January 27th, I lived in Hongkou District, Shanghai, 86 years old.Grandma, who came to the outpatient clinic of Zhao Wenxia, director of obstetrics and gynecology at the obstetrics and gynecology department affiliated to Tongji University early in the morning.

A month ago, Zhao Wenxia’s team performed surgical treatment for the grandmother with high blood pressure and heart disease for the heavy uterine lush, the vaginal front and rear wall swelling, and the heart disease.Grandma, who has troubled many years of disease, has a happy smile on her face.

The 86 -year -old grandmother felt that there was a vulva from the vaginal mouth for the vulva many years ago. It accompanied the frequent sense of urination every day and could not sleep peacefully at night.In the past year, her symptoms have become more and more serious, and there are inconvenience and pain.

After Zhao Wenxia’s consultation, he learned that his grandmother had been menopause for more than 30 years, experienced 10 pregnancy, 8 production, and had a history of hypertension and heart disease for more than 20 years.Take off out of the vaginal mouth.

"Patients with multiple childbirth injuries, and with the atrophy of the support structure of the basin of the pot, causing the severe prolapse of the front wall of the vagina and the uterine prolapse, the walking activity is inconvenient, and the quality of urination and the quality of life is seriously affected."Determine the grandmother to have surgical indications.

Although the disease of the uterus is not as aggressive as other emergencies, it seriously affects patient life.

Surgery for 86 -year -old elderly people is very risky, and it is easy to cause various complications.A little carelessness can easily lead to dysfunction of various organs.Considering the age of grandma, high blood pressure, high risk of thrombosis, high risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents, experts and gynecology departments, and ICUs and other experts have conducted joint consultation and discussing surgical methods and anesthesia methods.At the same time, the scope of damage can be minimized.

With the close cooperation of the multi -party team, the grandma’s surgery was finally completed smoothly.After surgery, the ICU tightly monitored the nursing measures such as life signs, preventing pressure ulcers, and various pipeline care in time. After two days, they returned to the obstetrics and gynecological ward.7 days after surgery, the grandmother was discharged smoothly.

According to Zhao Wenxia, the pelvic floor dysfunctional disease is not life -threatening, but it is also a "terribly" illness; it is not cancer, but it is also a "social cancer" for women.At present, my country has gradually entered an aging society. With the increase of age, some women have increasing problems such as frequent urination, urinary incontinence, and uterine prolapse due to pelvic floor dysfunction. The quality of life.

Author: Jiang Jun, Li Weiqing Xiao Xin

Edit: Li Chenyi

Photo source: Courtyard Conferring

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