After 36 weeks of pregnancy, in order to develop well, you have to pay more attention to these 3 situations

When I entered 36 weeks of pregnancy, it was already the third trimester, and it was close to giving birth. At this time, the pregnant woman’s belly was already very large.And after entering 36 weeks, a series of changes will occur in the body. If the pregnant mother does not take good care of it, the fetus may occur prematurely or other problems.Therefore, after 36 weeks of pregnant women, we must understand the development of the fetus, pay attention to the supplement of nutrition, and go to the hospital for a check -up.After 36 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant mother may have some changes. Do you have it?

36 weeks of pregnancy fetus development

When you arrive at 36 weeks of pregnancy, you want to know whether the fetus is developing well or not, you need to go to the hospital for a check -up. The doctor will check some indicators of the fetus through the delivery doctor. When it reaches 36 weeks, the fetus has become more mature. The overall length is about 45 cm.On the left and right, the weight is about 2700 grams. If the fetus is abnormal, the doctor will remind the pregnant mother and tell you what the mother should pay attention to.After 36 weeks, enter the 37th weeks, that is, the moon is a full -moon fetus. At this time, the pregnant mother can wait for delivery at any time.

36 weeks of pregnancy changes

After entering 36 weeks, the fetus developed day by day, and the uterus was expanded every day. This will cause the pregnant mother’s belly to become larger and larger, and the changes in the belly will be clearly seen.And with the continuous development of the fetus, the weight of pregnant women will increase a lot. At this time, the value added during pregnancy will reach a highest stage.

And when you reach this pregnancy week, if your weight increases by about 10 kilograms than before pregnancy, it is a normal range. If this weight exceeds this weight, it is too obese during pregnancy.EssenceAnd after 36 weeks, because the fetal development speed is fast, pregnant women may have cramps or edema in the middle of the night. Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to calcium supplementation and pay attention to the right amount of activities.

36 weeks pregnant mother diet

At 36 weeks, at this time, the fetus developed faster and faster, and more and more nutrition was required, but pregnant women found that her appetite was not as good as before.This is because the fetal development is very large when it arrives at this pregnancy week, so the squeezing of the gastrointestinal tract will increase, which will cause pregnant women’s appetite to deteriorate.But at this time, in order to be depressed in the development of the fetus, you should still pay attention to supplementing nutrition. You can use less meal and more meals. Pay attention to nutritional balanced intake.

At the 36th week of pregnancy, there is still a possibility of premature premature, so pregnant mothers must pay more attention!Do you have other questions or supplements on this question? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below. You can also pay attention to the editor and share some parenting knowledge every day.

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