After 37 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant mother hurts in the middle of the night. I was taken to the hospital. The doctor asked her to go home

I feel that I am a doctor. I know that every 1 pregnant mother wants to see the anxious emotions of the child, and I know that the pregnant mother can prepare any of the emotions in advance before the child comes.I think that the child will release certain data signals before the birth, but there are some false fakes of this data signal. Pregnant women should be distinguished in detail to be deceived!

Checker 1: Periodic

@: I am the spacing period for ten days, so I just started preparing for a pregnant woman to give birth to the bag in advance. I remember that if it is uncomfortable, I can see the doctor when I get a pregnant woman.God is a bit unprepared, because I noticed that the baby didn’t have a sign to go out!I am also very anxious, what is the reason?

Doctor answering questions:

The delivery period was not accurately telling him that the pregnant woman was pregnant. Sominating the child went out, it only inferred 1 approximate time.What day is the combination of the doctor’s uncertain sperm eggs, so the birth period is to calculate the first week of the last menstruation.Everything is normal, but if there is no sign of 43 weeks, you must see a doctor.

Only in clinical medicine, the probability of yield and pelvis can only be about 5%at the same time. Therefore, there are no signs of the delivery period. There is no need to be overwhelmed, nor do you need to see a doctor.

Scam 2: fake contractions

@ MISSCHEN: Because the first child had no work experience, he was deceived by the fake palace, which means that at the time of 38 weeks of pregnancy, I felt some abdominal pain, and I didn’t have it for a while; I was frightened that I thought it was a fast life.It was a husband who woke up soon after waking up. He rushed to the hospital clinic that night. As a result, the doctor said, "It’s still early, go home and fall asleep."

Doctor answering questions:

I think fake contraction really deceives at least pregnant women’s pregnancy. The serious contraction is that the regularity is getting more and more regular and stronger. It is usually gradually weaker after 40 ~ 50 seconds.The intermittent period has just begun again. Only with the progress of the childbirth period, the contraction delay time slowly increases, the intermittent period slowly decreases, and the contraction and compressive strength gradually becomes better.Pregnant mothers have such a kind of feeling, indicating that children are really about to be born.

Before the child died, pregnant women were very concerned about the condition of the baby’s baby. The baby who was pregnant in December was afraid of all problems in the last few days.When pregnant women are pregnant, these categories of conditions indicate that the pregnant woman is born.

Question 1: See you red

Seeing red is the problem that most pregnant mothers have faded from 28 ~ 47 before giving birth. Each pregnant mother’s human body is different, and the main performance and level of seeing red are also different.Seeing the root cause of the red, the fetal membrane around the inner mouth of the cervix is separated from the uterine wall, causing some capillaries to rupture and cause a small amount of bleeding.If you see red, you will be accompanied by cyclical contractions.

I think the problem is two, regular abdominal pain contraction,

It is a key label for pregnant women before childbirth. The key features of contractions have gradually increased, the intermittent period is slowly decreased, and the contraction and pressure resistance slowly improved.Essence

Although having a child is a pregnant mother, when the birth is born, but the baby is in charge, even the doctor does not know.Therefore, this authentic data signal pregnant mothers must learn to identify well, otherwise they have to run out of the hospital clinic in vain, which is really too blind.

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