After 44 -year -old mother gave birth to 21 babies, she was pregnant. The largest family in the UK will welcome the 22nd child

According to the "Daily Mail" on October 21, 44 -year -old Sue Radford said that he would not get pregnant again after regenerating children in 2018. The largest family in the UK will usher in 22nd in April 2020A child.

(The Read Family, was taken in 2008)

Noel, a 48 -year -old Bakery, and 48 -year -old, lived in Lankaixia County, England. In 2008, they were very famous in the UK because the "Bakery family had 13 children in the family."It was surprising, it was a news that was discussed by the street.

But since then, the Redford family has continued to grow. By 2018, they have 21 children and have the largest family in the UK.

Leford’s youngest child Bonni was born in November 2018 and is less than 1 year old; the largest child Chris is 30 years old, and was born when his mother was only 14 years old; the second daughter Sophie (Sophie) 25 years old, next is 23 -year -old Chloe, 22 -year -old Jack, 20 -year -old Daniel, 18 -year -old Luke, 17 -year -old Millie, Millie,, 16 -year -old Katie, 15 -year -old James (James), 14 -year -old Ellie, 13 -year -old Aimee, 12 -year -old Josh, 11 -year -old Max (MAX), 9 -year -old Tillie, 7 -year -old Oscar, 6 -year -old Casper, 3 -year -old Hallie, 2 -year -old Phoebe and 1 year oldHalf ARCHIE.

After Bangbangni was born in 2018, Su announced that he would no longer be pregnant in an interview, but on October 20, Su and Noel announced on YouTube that Su was pregnant again.In April, Su said that she felt like she was going to have a boy again, which would be the 11th boy of their family.

This couple really loves having children.In fact, when they gave birth to the ninth child, they planned to stop fertility. Noer had undergone vascular resection, but later they regretted that Noel fixed the vascular tube by surgery.

It is happy to have such a big family, it is also hard, and it is very expensive.

At present, the two largest children have grown up and do not live with their parents. Among them, Sophia is already the mother of the three children, but the rest still live with their parents.

This big family only receives 170 pounds (less than 1,600 yuan) for children’s allowances per week, and all other expenses come from Noal’s bakery business.They have a house with ten bedrooms, which were bought in 2004 for 240,000 pounds.

At present, they spend 350 pounds (about RMB 3200) on food every week.It is extravagant to go to the restaurant for dinner, at least 150 pounds (about 1,400 yuan).Children love to watch movies, but for them, watching movies together is also a lot of expenses. At present, the minimum pound of movie tickets is 10 pounds. At least 210 pounds are spent when watching movies.

They spend at least 3 hours to clean them every day and wash 18 kilograms of clothes a day.The whole family goes out to travel together is a military operation, and the luggage alone will be full of at least 7 suitcases.Nevertheless, in 2019 alone, their family had traveled to Florida, USA, and planned to go to the Netherlands.

Su complained that although there are so many family members, it is difficult for them to get group discounts, because the general family discounts are given to two adults and two children. It is estimated that those institutions have not expected that there will be more than 20 children in the family.

Picture source: dailymail, bing

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