After a woman in Haikou was injured by a car, she was sent to the doctor for a CT examination. After 10 days, I found that I was pregnant.

About a month ago, when Ms. Zhan rode an electric car through the zebra crossing section of the Xindong Bridge Road section of the Jiangdong Avenue, she was hit by a sedan several meters and was sent to the hospital for treatment.In the meantime, Ms. Zhan performed a CT examination and beaten a tetanus needle."On April 24, I checked in the hospital and found that I had been pregnant for more than 5 weeks. The doctor said that the X -ray may have an impact on the fetus during CT examination. It is recommended that I terminate my pregnancy." Ms. Zhan said that she didn’t know what was good now.

Riding an electric vehicle over the zebra crossing and being hit by flying

Ms. Zhan told reporters that at about 18:38 on April 13, when she rode an electric car across the zebra crossing section of the Xindong Bridge section of Jiangdong Avenue, she was hit by a car a few meters away, and her right foot blood flow.After the 120 ambulance rushed to the scene, he bandaged the wound of Ms. Zhan to stop bleeding and sent her to Haikou People’s Hospital for treatment.

Ms. Zhan said that in the emergency room of the hospital, her right foot injury was sewn for 7 stitches.She was worried about the injury of her brain and internal organs, and she had a CT examination of her head, chest and abdomen. Fortunately, no abnormalities were seen.

"On April 24th, I went to Haikou Maternal and Child Health Hospital for inspection and found that the early pregnancy was more than 5 weeks of pregnancy." Ms. Zhan said that on the morning of May 9, she went to Haikou City Maternal and Child Health Hospital for review.After doing CT examination, X -ray can affect the fetus, and it is recommended that she terminate her pregnancy.

"If it wasn’t for that car accident, the fetus in my stomach may not have a problem at all." Ms. Zhan said that she is very entangled now, whether to keep the fetus, "psychologically and mentally painful."

Yesterday morning, the reporter confirmed the above statement from the doctor Wen Haiyan at Haikou Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

The traffic police determined that the car driver is responsible for full responsibility

Yesterday, Ms. Zhan took the reporter to the accident on April 13.The reporter saw that there were red and green light devices at both ends of the zebra crossing at the scene, but it was not displayed.Nearby residents told reporters that the traffic lights here have not been on, and they are similar.

The traffic accident liability for traffic accidents issued by Haikou City Traffic Police Detachment shows that at 18:38 on April 13, when the parties, Hu Moumou drove a small car along the river to the Xindong Bridge, a collision with Ms. Zhan’s electric vehicle collided in a collision.Cause Ms. Zhan’s injury and traffic accidents that are damaged by two cars.The behavior of the parties Hu Moumou violated the relevant provisions of the "Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China", which was a direct cause of the accident.The parties Ms. Zhan had no illegal acts and faults in the accident.Ms. Zhan has no responsibility for determining that Hu Moumou is responsible.

Driver: Entrusted insurance company compensation

The driver Hu Moumou told reporters yesterday that after the accident, he immediately stopped to call 110 and 120, cooperated with the traffic police to receive an accident investigation, and arranged a friend who was sitting in the car to the hospital to assist the wounded for treatment and paid the inspection fee."After inspection, the injured’s physical problems were not big at that time. I have entrusted China Life Insurance Hainan Branch to pay compensation to the injured medical expenses and related expenses."

Yesterday morning, Ms. Zhan and her husband came to China Life Insurance Hainan Branch to ask for compensation for their mental losses, and the two parties failed to reach an agreement on the amount of compensation.Chen Jiechao, a claimer of Hainan Branch of China Life Insurance, told reporters that insurance companies will pay compensation to the medical expenses and related expenses of the wounded. The company needs to study the problem of compensation for Ms. Zhan and her family.If the two sides cannot reach an agreement, they can only be resolved through legal channels. "Chen Jiechao said.(Reporter Liao Ziru text/picture)

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