After a woman is pregnant, there may be these 5 changes, so that you can’t sleep at night

Insomnia, this word is more familiar to modern people, because of the pressure of modern society and the changes in the quality of sleep quality caused by various reasons.What are the causes of insomnia at night?

1. The changes in hormones affect the mood of pregnant women.In the influence of progesterone, pregnant women’s emotional fluctuations will be very large.

2. Change of eating habits.Due to pregnancy reactions and dietary nutrition requirements, the dietary habits of pregnant women have changed to a certain extent.In the early stages of pregnancy, it will often vomit. Although some pregnant women are during the day, there are also some pregnant women who are disgusting at night, which will affect the sleep quality of pregnant women.There are some pregnant women’s appetite suddenly become particularly good during pregnancy, and eating a lot is also a cause of insomnia during pregnancy.

3. Frequent urination.Frequent urination is the most likely to produce symptoms of mothers during pregnancy, mainly because the gradual increased uterus and fetal head are squeezed into the bladder to make them urinate and then develop into frequent urination.According to reports, 80%of pregnant women will run to the toilet at night, which will affect the quality of sleep.

4. Pain, cramps.Because pregnant women are prone to calcium deficiency, cramps will occur.Sometimes cramps and cramps when they fall asleep, which affects sleep.

5. Sleeping position tangled.During pregnancy, mothers can easily feel tired because they want to bred a fetus.However, because of the changes in the body, the abdomen has become the key part of the subconscious protection of mothers during pregnancy, so it is not necessary to find a suitable sleeping posture to cause insomnia.

In response to these reasons, mothers during pregnancy can find the right method to improve in order to give birth to a healthy baby, and they are also spiritual.

1. First, relax.The bad emotions of mothers during pregnancy will have a great impact on the fetus, so if the mothers have encountered unpleasant things during pregnancy, try to enlighten themselves and do not drill the horns.

2. Second, pay attention to diet.During pregnancy, mothers should try to avoid irritating drinks such as caffeine.When eating, it is best to eat solid food and liquid food separately, and drink water or soup after eating.

3. Finally, learn to adjust your emotions, such as paying attention to transfer methods, listening to prenatal education, and listening to soft and smooth music.You can also exercise appropriately and exercise.Because appropriate exercise can promote sleep.

In summary, insomnia during pregnancy is not a big problem. Finding the right method can solve the right medicine. Don’t worry too much.

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