After breaking up, I found that I was pregnant, did I tell the other half of my feelings, or did I get it myself?

In love with many people during college, they have sexual relationships. After breaking up, they have become pregnant because they did not take insurance measures!I am helpless for the relatively young, what should I do if I do n’t know?Is the consequences that made the mistakes made by your youth?I still can’t take responsibility for this small life, and finally spend their childhood in a single -parent family instead of spending a good childhood in the love parents who love each other like other children.Or do this young life end?Today I tell myself what to do.

If you give birth to this child without love each other, you may not like it yourself. The child is innocent. Let him grow up in an environment without emotion.No one has the right to let this child live in this deep world. Without the feelings of parents, they will be more inferior to their existence and have nowhere to place them.Children are the products of their parents’ love.If you tell the child that he was helpless, it would be too bloody.If you give birth to a child, you must understand that you can bear all circumstances, otherwise you see that those who abandon infants are there.

The first is to tell you about pregnancy after breaking up. Do n’t say whether it ’s true, I should talk to her, ask her sincerely, tell her a great relationship, so that she can talk to you calmly and see what you described.She didn’t want to talk to you at all, what was the reason.The child is the right to know both. If you do not tell him, you decide this problem, then you suddenly find that the other party may be responsible for you and the child because it knows this?Wouldn’t you let your child lose your father’s love? Childhood would also be a door that could not be opened because he was a single -parent family or a reorganized family?The child is two people. The emotional debt of the two needs two people to return. I disagree with this girl to carry it, and I do n’t agree that someone will scold the boys to be ruthless and scum.None of us came to blame anyone who was wrong! Feelings are not both parties.If the man is a scumbag, don’t you want to turn back, is you going to live a lifetime because you are pregnant and get pregnant because you are pregnant?Retos the problem again.It’s also strange.It was her who told you at the beginning, and it was her who did not want to talk about it now. What did she want to do? Maybe only you knew it.The premise is that don’t hurt each other anymore. She will only hurt himself like this, whether psychological or physical.I still suggest that you can communicate with your ex -girlfriend and see what she wants.

If you have a job, have an independent economy, and he is not responsible, you will let a friend accompany you.After a few days, please take a good rest, don’t be too tired.Feelings should be cautious.After all, you are also a piece of meat on your body. Although the damage caused by the body is not great, it has a spiritual trauma to girls in spirit, and laid a shadow for this incident.So I still want to give you a advice, whether it is now or the future: Since you are the person you think, you are willing to give yourself to him, and both sides should not take feelings as children.In terms of sexual life, don’t accommodate men, do you say that if you do n’t have a cover, you do n’t have a sleeve? Who is the accidental pregnancy? Who is the pain?

If you still love your girlfriend, be sure to catch her.Life is very important. Since there is a crystallization in the case of loving her, it is better to use this child as a catalyst for your feelings to return to good, and then propose to childbirth.This is the best ending for you who love her.

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