After dark, it is easy for pregnant mothers to meet "obscure"?Not superstitious, scientifically explain this way

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A few days ago, I received a spit from a netizen, saying that since I was pregnant, I had increasingly not dealt with my mother -in -law, because the other party had too much control, making her very uncomfortable.Now that she was pregnant four months, she would not let her go out at night, saying that she was afraid of hitting unclean things. This made her speechless as a new era of women.

After listening to it, I was a little helpless. The "dirty thing" in this mother -in -law’s mouth may not be the things on the Zhouyi gossip feng shui, but it really affects some aspects of the health of pregnant women.EssenceToday, I will explain the kindness of the older generation in combination with the examples, and young people don’t misunderstand.

The night is dark, and the pregnant mother is easy to fall

After the winter, it was dark early. After six o’clock in most areas, they had no longer seen five fingers after six o’clock. Although the lights were installed in many communities, the light was dim. Most of them were only basic lighting and could not be compared with natural light.In order to save money, some community properties have a long distance from the street lamp, which is equivalent to providing "stealth clothes" for obstacles.

My community is still middle and high -end, but the lighting is not good after dark. At least when I go home from get off work, I will pay close attention to my feet, because I may hit where I accidentally.The pregnant mother is very delicate, with the health of the fetus on her body, but she can’t stand this fall. One has not seen one, and the family will be sad at that time.

Any animal at night, easy to be shocked

Earlier, I heard that a treasure mother was scared in the community, because I was in a new first -tier city. In terms of stray animals, it is not as strong as the super -line areas such as Beishang, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.Animals out of the night.

At that time, the pregnant mother was scared by a black cat who had appeared at night. She screamed. Her husband’s face was scared, and later he was taken to the hospital for a long time to protect the fetus for a long time.

Therefore, the courageous pregnant mothers should not go out at night. We never know whether we will encounter the "abandoned children". Animals do not pay attention to human social rules. It is common to hit the feet horizontally. We can’t see it at night.

The temperature difference between day and night is large, and it is easy to get sick at night

Nowadays, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the cold wind is waiting for you at night. The pregnant mother may go out with a smile and sneeze home. It is a troublesome thing to take medicine to take medicine.Moreover, it is not the same as usual during pregnancy. Many prescription medicines cannot be used. Pregnant mothers also have to run the hospital to increase the burden on the body.

Pregnant mothers should not exercise one hour before going to bed

The most important point is that one hour before going to bed should not exercise, because it will excite the body and be sober, which may affect the sleep of pregnant mothers.Here I suggest that you should rest quietly after 8:30, or read books, read the play, and strive to cultivate a good atmosphere for night sleep.


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