After entering women’s body, where did the sperm combined with failed?Distressed and funny

Mr. Chen, 26, is a salesperson. Because of the bad market recently, he is also busy with work. He often stays up late to drink and accompany customers.However, the kung fu is not responsible. After years of hard work, Mr. Chen has become the company’s supervisor because of his outstanding performance, and bought a set of existing houses in the local model.However, Mr. Chen, who had a smooth career, also had his own distress -he had not had birth for many years, and the elderly at home urged the elderly at home, so Mr. Chen, who burned his eyebrows, went to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

After inspection, I learned that Mr. Chen had a lot of pressure because of his long -term work pressure, and often staying up late drinking and drinking alcohol caused himself to suffer from less sperm and weak essence.Because sperm activity is insufficient and the quality is poor, it is difficult to bother with insemination.Later, the treatment of drug treatment and diet.It didn’t take long for Mr. Chen to greatly improve his symptoms.It didn’t take long for Mr. Chen not only to heal, but also had to get on the child.The family was very happy after learning about it.

In daily life, there are also cases such as Mr. Chen.Due to long -term pressure and irregular work and rest, physical fitness has been low, sperm activity is reduced, and it has not been able to have children for many years.Therefore, male friends should pay more attention in life, not only to improve the economic level, but also to improve their physical fitness.

Then, some friends may ask, where did the male sperm go on the process of combining with the eggs, where did those sperm without "fertilization" go?If you want to answer this question, we first look at how sperm is combined with eggs?

The birth of life is a wonderful process. From a small fertilized egg, after the mother’s childbirth, it has become a cute and healthy baby.If you are fortunate to see this process, you will not help but sigh the wonders of the human body and the greatness of the Creator.Prior to this, the sparks that men sperm and female eggs met when they met.

However, in the case of natural conception, the combination of sperm and eggs is not easy, and it is even very cruel.Because it is a process of survival of the fittest, hundreds of millions of sperm trek for long distances, after countless difficulties and obstacles, only one sperm can "hold beauty".

Under normal circumstances, sperm will enter the fallopian tube after passing through the vagina, and combine the fallopian tube and egg cells and form fertilized eggs.But before the combination, male sperm needs to pass three levels.

The first level is the cervical barrier.Sperm will first pass the strength of male ejaculation and pass through the reproductive trail with a length of about 70,000 times in order to reach the female vagina smoothly.And women’s cervix is full of mucus, they kill about 90%of sperm.Only less than 10%of sperm can successfully pass through the vagina through their own unremitting efforts, thereby entering the next level -the fallopian tube level.

When the second level, the remaining sperm did not dare to slack the slightest, and was anxious to find the eggs, but the danger has not been lifted.Because women’s fallopian tubes can not only provide nutrition for sperm and eggs, but also continue to eliminate some sperm.By now, the sperm "Long March" has finally come to an end, but the number of sperm is very small.

If you are lucky, there will be a "lucky man" in these sperm that finds egg cells, which breaks through the protective layer of the periphery of the eggs and enters the inside with the egg binding.Moreover, once a sperm enters, the protective layer of the egg will be closed immediately, and other sperm prohibitions are prohibited from continuing.And this "lucky child" will complete the exquisite action with the eggs, and develop into a fetus under the protection of the mother.

It can be seen that it is quite difficult for sperm to combine with eggs.In the process, not only the sperm is competing with each other, but also united and cooperative to complete the purpose of the combination.However, where are those unsarded sperm?Next, let’s take a closer look.

Under normal circumstances, men will excrete hundreds of millions of sperm when they do insemination, but only the fastest sperm will have hope and eggs to become a new life.The remaining sperm is nothing more than these endings.

The first ending is "tired".If you read right, you are exhausted.For only 60 microns sperm, if you want to go through a long way to reach the women’s uterus, it is really a long marathon.Among them, the best quality, the fastest sperm, will eventually be combined with the eggs into a life body, and those sperm with low quality or no strength to run without strength will be exhausted halfway.

The second ending is to be "sour", which may sound incredible, but this is the case.Because the internal component of the sperm is alkaline, the internal environment of the female reproductive tract is acidic.This environment is undoubtedly a bad news for sperm.

Among them, some relatively thin sperm failed to withstand the suffering of being corroded, and "killed" on the road of charge.However, the sperm of "death" is not completely useless. They can buffer to improve the pH of the female vagina and let the subsequent sperm live.

The third ending is to run the wrong track, and then "fainted".Under normal circumstances, the two ovaries of women do not operate at the same time during ovulation, but alternate ovulation.If the sperm entering the women’s body is to the ovulation period and the opposite ovary period and the opposite ovary, then it will inevitably not be fertilized. Coupled with the corrosion of the acidic environment, the sperm may die on the way.

The fourth ending is that if a female friend usually smokes and drinks and drinks alcohol, a large amount of harmful substances such as alcohol or nicotine are gathered in the body.In addition, if men usually have the habit of smoking and drinking, it will also be difficult to produce healthy, high -quality sperm, thereby reducing the survival rate of sperm and affecting fertility.

Now, when we read the various "death methods" of these sperm, aren’t they funny and distressed.However, female friends do not have to worry about sperm that fails to "fertilize" will remain in the body to harm themselves. They will circulate in the internal circulation, or they will be eliminated directly by the second system.

So, for men, how to improve the vitality of sperm and enhance their own fertility?

Now that the social rhythm is accelerating, young people often have the phenomenon of staying up late to work overtime. Coupled with insufficient exercise, physical fitness will naturally decline. Not only is it more likely to be infringed by foreign bacterial diseases, but it will also affect their own fertility.Especially for male friends, it may cause sperm activity to decline and cause less sperm and weak sperm. Therefore, male friends can improve the vitality of sperm from the following aspects in daily life.

First of all, male friends can improve their sperm vitality by improving the diet structure.In diet, male friends should consume sufficient vitamins, trace elements, and amino acids.

Among them, vitamin C can not only help semen liquefy, reduce the cohesion of sperm, but also protect the genetic DNA in sperm cells through its own antioxidant function.In addition, vitamin C can also help male friends regulate gland, so it is very good to appropriately consume vitamin E.For example, fresh fruits and vegetables such as kiwi, watermelon, cabbage, tomato, etc. are very helpful for men to improve sperm vitality.

In addition, because the concentration of the male semen itself is relatively high, if the zinc element intake is insufficient, it will also cause sperm vitality to decrease. Therefore, male friends can also eat more zinc -containing foods to supplement, such as peanuts, Xiaomi, and XiaomiChinese cabbage, beans and other foods.Amino acids are important ingredients that form sperm. They can also improve sperm activity capabilities by eating more amino acids such as lamb, loach, and catfish to improve sperm activity.

Secondly, male friends can also help improve the vitality of sperm by changing their living habits.For example, common exercise methods such as running, swimming, etc. can improve your immunity and enhance sperm activity.At the same time, it is necessary to avoid contact with toxic and harmful substances, and stay away from ionizing radiation, so as not to cause sperm malformation and vitality.

In addition, the primary disease that leads to low sperm vitality must be actively treated, such as male reproductive tract inflammation and sperm varicose veins.These diseases will reduce the activity of sperm and affect men’s fertility.Therefore, once male friends suffer from these diseases, they must actively treat them in a regular hospital in time to help improve the quality of sperm.All in all, male friends only care about making money in life and ignore their health, otherwise they will lose money.

In our general cognition, sperm that can be combined with eggs must be the sperm with high quality and fastest running.However, as more and more scientific research shows that the process of fertilization process is actually the process of choosing sperm, the eggs will not give priority to choosing the first sperm to reach, but to screen sperm through their own chemical signals, and then choose a specificMale sperm.

Researchers from the University of Stockholm and the University of Manchester, Sweden, have previously published an article and have discussed this view.He studied a chemical seductive agent by the release of women’s eggs that attracted sperm to an unfinished egg, and the female eggs would attract specific sperm to combine.

This research experiment is composed of 16 couples, including 8 groups of factors. After experimental analysis, the following conclusions were obtained. First, when male sperm selected the two women’s follicles, its response was not subject to the follicles of the follicles.The influence of the source.Second, it was found in the experiment that the eggs can be selected by specific chemical communication, which sperm is combined with which sperm, and this choice is not limited to the partner identity between men and women.Third, the response of sperm to the follicular fluid has nothing to do with sperm swimming speed.

Among them, chemical communication between eggs and sperm is very important for fertilization.When the sperm moves to the egg, the behavior of sperm is affected by the release signal of the egg or the female reproductive tract, which causes the traditional view that the chemical signal is only used to guide the sperm into the egg.In fact, this is not the case. This chemical signal can also make females a "mysterious choice" of egg fertilization.

It can be seen that although human beings have enough space and time to choose their spouse before mating, in terms of bred offspring, the chosen of the eggs has played a dominant role.As far as reproduction is concerned, our body is honest, the objects can not work, and the eggs have to be said!

The birth of life is a wonderful and difficult process. Before the combination of male sperm and female eggs into fertilized eggs, not only need to compete with the same kind, sometimes cooperate in order to send the only "son of heaven" to women to women.In the egg, it was born into an embryo and was born in this world.

Other sperm constantly "killed" in the charge of charge, and some sperm were "sour" by the acidic environment of the female reproductive tract; some sperm with weak constitutions were exhausted halfway;Not good, choose the wrong runway, coupled with the female acidic internal environment, and thus whispered.

For men, because the changes in the living environment and the decline in physical fitness may occur in the decline in sperm activity. Therefore, pay more attention in life, change from the daily routine and dietary factors to restore its sperm vitality.


[1] Li Lisha, Wei Xinyan, Min Jie, et al. Couples in the history of bad pregnancy.


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