After four months after giving birth, how could I get pregnant?And it’s two months old

Lele drove in front of me with a cry, and handed me the test sheet in his hand.He said with a crying cavity: Aunt Qiu, I have only been born for four months, and I have never had menstruation. How could it be pregnant?

The test list is very eye -catching sign, HCG (+)! It is indeed pregnant!

Will it be wrong? I have no symptoms of disgusting anorexia.Lele still does not believe in the fact that he is pregnant.

It is also possible to get a wrong test, and I suggest that she is an ultrasound.

Lele looked lonely when he came back.She is the classmate of our nursing nurse, Xiaohong, but she is very fast but very good.

"Stupid you! Just know you are happy!" Xiao Hong looked really angry, and I liked her psychologically.The reason why it is agreed because there are many cases of Lele, some are still pregnant after delivery!Risk!But she still used her eyes to prevent Xiaohong, so as not to let her talk about it.The situation of Lele was very disturbing, don’t add her boredom anymore.

"Aunt Aunt" is pregnant when there is no regular. The number of days of pregnancy generally depends on ultrasound diagnosis. Comprehensive analysis can give a clear diagnosis. Lele is indeed 60 days pregnant.

Although Lele accepted the facts, I still emphasized that I haven’t had menstruation yet. How can this be possible?Xiaohong’s tone became softer."Stupid you, you can get ovulation first and then your aunt can come! Seeing that you are usually transparent and orally, how can you be a mentally handicapped. How old is you. Really."

She was accompanied by her husband as soon as he got up.The young man was a little embarrassed, and Xiaohong teased him, "Blame you, it’s not you who are suffering from emotion."The young man was so embarrassed.

I hurriedly hit the field, and it was also sincere comfort.

"You are quite lucky. The gestational sac siber buds are in the uterine cavity. If it is ectopic pregnancy, it is not just as simple as being sin. It is also unfortunate." As a doctor, what kind of patients are encountered, howThe condition of the condition must be given humanistic care, rejects cold, and refuses indifference.

After the results of various inspections came out, Lele performed an artificial abortion surgery.I did not let her choose to do painless flow, the uterus is too fragile, and the tender tofu, when doing abortion normally, can observe her reaction and adjust it in time.If you choose painless abortion, there is no pain, it is easy to hurt the uterus or pelvic cavity.

Many similar situations happened. Soon after, a pregnant woman came for half a year after giving birth and 4 months pregnant.The pregnant woman was obvious when she came.She also reacted the same as Lele. How could she get pregnant without a aunt.Fortunately, she was a child who was born, because the total reason did not want the child.She wanted to go to the festival for contraception, so she had been waiting for the arrival of "Auntie".Come to the upper ring.Wait for the menstruation to wait for the menstruation.Finally, I chose to end the labor surgery to end pregnancy.Fortunately, she is a child who is produced. If it is a cesarean section, it is dangerous whether this child is retained or ended in pregnancy!Related to life and safety.

Auntie ovulated before coming.Ovulation may be pregnant!Advocate women of childbearing age to do a good job of contraception. Do not mistakenly think that menstruation does not come after giving birth or abortion surgery, and no contraception is required!

Raise and happy together for a while!The negligence, who suffered itself in the end!

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