After half a month, the little oranges germinated, can the food germinate be eaten?

Sit in a cool air -conditioned room

Drink a cup of cold juice

Let’s bite a sour and sweet orange

Feeling life is perfect

Think like this, hurry up and get oranges

The colorful oranges lying quietly in the corner of the kitchen

It’s been half a month, can I still eat it?

The first time I opened it, I found the tender green buds

With a sharp head, the leaves have not stretched

Roll into thin strips, forming a small circle

Open the oranges halfway

It is found that the green buds are covered with the entire orange

Almost every petal

The full green is matched with the sunlight orange

Beautifully like a perfect artwork

The vitality and tenacity of life spray out

Dipped in another petal

Every tender green bud wants to break out

Zhangya dances stretching around

This oranges can’t see it

Planting it as a potted plant

It can be regarded as full of vitality and vitality, right?

Some foods can be eaten after germination

Some foods germinated and eaten may be lying on board

Let me list it today

The following foods can be eaten after germination

brown rice

The nutritional value after brown rice germination is higher than no germination

Especially the content of dietary fiber and vitamin is more abundant

Can promote human body metabolism and antiovascular hardening

And the calories and sugar are much lower than that of white rice

The taste is also great

But do not eat mildew brown rice after germination

It will produce a large amount


Taro hair can also be eaten if you sprout

It will not produce toxins that are harmful to the human body

But the taste will become much worse

And nutritional value will be reduced

Both protein and trace elements will be reduced

Eating too much can bloating, it is recommended to eat a small amount


When the ripe melon environment is suitable

The seeds of the center are easy to germinate

It can actually be eaten

Will not produce harmful substances

But seed germination will absorb nutrition consumption

So the germinated melon will be much lower in terms of nutritional value

The taste will be relatively bad


As long as the germinated carrot is removed

You can continue to eat

It will not be harmful to the human body

But water loss

Nutritional value and taste will be worse than before

Foods that cannot be eaten after germination include


After the potatoes germina

It is easy to cause food poisoning after eating

Dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms

Even if you dig out the germination part

Can’t eat the remaining part

It is difficult to eradicate dragon sunflower

The germination site will also spread the enzyme to other parts


The peanuts are sprouting and it is easy to breed romancin

This is a very toxic carcinogenic substance

The toxicity of romancin is 68 times that of cream

If you eat bitter peanuts, you must spit it out and rinse your mouth immediately

sweet potato

Don’t eat germinated sweet potatoes

It will stimulate the stomach and intestines, affect health

And the taste will become much worse after the water loss

A large number of nutrients were given a lot of buds and leaves

So the nutritional value of sweet potato itself becomes lower

The way to store food is very important

Otherwise, it is easy to mildew or germinate

Most people think of putting things in the refrigerator

But if the refrigerator is not cleaned in time

The food will only be put in the more worse

You can put the Babolo refrigerator de -flavored stick in the refrigerator

Extend the fresh food preservation period of 3-5 times

You can also remove sterilization for the refrigerator

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