After her wife was pregnant, she had to go back to her mother’s house and trace the source, so she knew it was because her mother said this!

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Recently, there is something that can be described as described in my opinion in our opinion. The cause of the matter is because the daughter -in -law became pregnant, but the daughter -in -law became very abnormal after pregnancy.After returning to my mother’s house, my mother -in -law’s attitude towards me became worse and worse.

To be honest, I was quite confused during this time. I asked my husband to be hungry. At least I knew how to be considerate of my daughter -in -law and maintained a good relationship.And shouldn’t it be a happier thing after pregnancy?Why suddenly became abnormal.

Later, I always tentatively tentatively wanted to know why she had always insisted on living in her mother’s house after she was pregnant, but her daughter -in -law was not fooled at all.Later, the angry mother -in -law said that when I was going to pick up my daughter -in -law, my mother -in -law asked me how I was embarrassed. I was foggy.

Later, the mother -in -law said, "I knew that your family was so heavy and young, and I shouldn’t let my daughter marry your family to suffer."

This sentence was stunned directly at the time. Why did our family become a man who is a young man?Later, I learned that my mother -in -law explained that it turned out that my daughter -in -law had heard my mother talk to others after pregnancy. As a result, my mother said that I still prefer boys. Boys do n’t have to worry about it.If you have to worry, you still don’t like the little granddaughter.

So this is why the daughter -in -law was going to hide back when she was pregnant. After knowing the reason, I immediately explained to my mother -in -law, and then saw her daughter -in -law guaranteeing her daughter -in -law.Although the last thing is solved well, but I am not very happy, because my daughter -in -law will make me feel that I can’t give her a sense of security at least in this respect.This also makes me feel like my husband’s failure.

Brightly commented with dimensions:

In fact, many pregnant people have a common feature, that is, they are easy to think about during pregnancy. Psychological and tempering is not as good as other times. I think you should understand your daughter -in -law appropriately at this time. After allAt this time, the harmony of the family is important.

On the other hand, I want to remind everyone, sometimes don’t think too much, think too much, but in the end it will affect your mood, so I still hope that everyone can be more optimistic and then live happily. This is actually better!

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