After I was pregnant, my husband was crazy (302)

My dear, this is Chapter 302 of the serialized "The Wind of Tianming". I hope everyone likes it ~

I wrote in the previous episode:

They kept holding each other’s hand until they turned, until they went downstairs, they never turned back.

… …

Half a month later, on the seventh day of the New Year, the death of Hui in the early morning ended his life that was not glory.

In accordance with what Ling Yan said, the prison handled the funeral, and sent the ashes of the early morning to his hometown cemetery for tree burial.

… …

One week before the Spring Festival, while the Lingye and his wife returned to Beijing, Jiang Xixi, who was on a business trip in Shenzhen, was in a daze in the hotel.

She was sitting on the bathroom toilet, holding the pregnancy test stick, and the two red bars were clearly visible.


happy?Of course … but more: panic.

After waiting for more than a year, I didn’t come for more than a year.

Is this a big surprise?Great accident?Still a big gift package?

Jiang Xixi took a picture and wanted to send it to Wen Yu, but hesitated again and sent it to Ling Yan first.

Ling Yan was drowsy on the high -speed rail back to Beijing. Sleeping was scared away, and he knocked directly at a voice call.

Press your throat first: Ah … Are you pregnant?Xixi, are you going to be a mother?

Jiang Xixi’s heart was shouting by her, and she couldn’t help but look up at the corner of her mouth: "Don’t tell Wen Yu first, you are the first person I told."

"Really?" Ling Yan laughed and loud. "Then I am honored, when will you come back?"

"There are three days, and there is a banquet tonight." Jiang Xixi said, "Please ask the big customers here for dinner and drink … Oh, Ling Yan, I haven’t drink less these days, right?"

At the beginning of the wedding, she rarely drank and did not take any measures, but the child could not come late. After waiting for more than half a year, she was relaxed.

The young couple were okay. The doctor said that it might be too nervous, and she was new to her wedding, not in a hurry.

Everyone said that, Jiang Xixi tried to lower the expectations, put it, and slowly didn’t keep the rules so much.

After all, she is doing the market. It is impossible to run in the north of the south and the northern land.Don’t drink red wine, what about beer?

She changed the habit of drinking white wine before and replaced with red wine, but she had too much paid and still many times.

Especially in the past six months, she was full of new projects, and she was drinking often, and it was unusual every Wednesday.

"I invite guests to eat every day this week. It’s almost the end of the year. There are always major customers who need to thank them one by one, but I haven’t drank too much each time. A glass of red wine to the top. Will this affect the baby?"

Jiang Xixi stood in front of the dressing mirror and spoke, his brows were locking lightly, and his sorrow was not showing.

"Yes, there are jobs. Now the new project has just taken shape. The contract is only signed last week. What if I am pregnant?" What should I do? "

"Ah, Ling Yan, I found out that there are still so many problems …"


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