After living with her boyfriend and her boyfriend, they are afraid of getting pregnant, take a lot of contraceptives, and completely destroy their bodies

Xiaomei grew up in a single -parent family since she was a child. It may be because she lacked her father’s love during the growth process, so Xiaomei especially wanted to find a boyfriend to accompany herself.When Xiaomei was 16 years old, he dropped out of school and entered the society to work. He met his current boyfriend and lived together.When living with her boyfriend, the two frequently had relationships, and they tried several times without safety measures.

Xiaomei was very scared to get pregnant, but took a lot of emergency contraceptives at once, thinking that she could avoid the risk of pregnancy.One day, Xiaomei felt a faint pain in her chest and underarms. There was a small amount of liquid out of the nipple when pressing the nipples. In addition, menstruation could not come. I was worried that I went to the hospital for examination. The doctor told Xiaomei that you were suffering from this.Breast cancer.Xiaomei wondered, how could she suffer from breast cancer?

The doctor explained: Many people do not know the damage to the body before taking contraceptives because of the lack of physiological knowledge education. Xiaomei took a lot of emergency contraceptives for contraception.major factor.

The cause of breast cancer is more complicated, which is related to genetic, acquired factors and age.Regarding the relationship between contraceptives and breast cancer, some studies have shown that if there is an experience of oral contraceptives before the age of 18, the risk of suffering from three -negative breast cancer at 45 to 64 will increase.Another study has shown that for women over 40 years of age, taking contraceptives for more than one year will increase the risk of 4.2 times the three -yin breast cancer.

Secondly, we know that estrogen can act on breast tissue. The higher the estrogen level, the stronger the stimulation of the mammary tissue.Estrogen is the main component of contraceptives. Long -term large doses of contraceptives do increase the risk of breast cancer.

We know that contraceptives will increase the risk of breast cancer, so can we not eat it later?As long as the following things are done, contraceptives can still be eaten.

Before taking contraceptives, it is recommended to go to the hospital for relevant examinations to determine whether breast disease, including breast hyperplasia, nodules and breast fibroma.If there are cases of breast cancer in direct relatives, breast pain often often feels breast pain, and the breasts have masses, then such women do not recommend contraceptives through oral contraceptives.

Even if women are in good health, they should be regularly checked in breast B -ultrasound or breast molybdenum targets when they are used for long -term contraceptives.

1. Adjust your diet

High -fat and high -sugar diet can promote the development of breast cancer, so it corrects bad diet structure.Try to adopt the Mediterranean diet, focus on grain grains, eat enough vegetables and fruits, supplemented with fish and lean meat, etc. olive oil is used as cooking oil.

2. Exercise

In addition to strengthening fitness and maintaining weight, exercise can also help regulate hormone balance, reduce insulin resistance, protect breast tissue, and reduce the chance of breast cancer.Try to choose mottled exercise, such as practicing yoga, jogging and swimming, exercise cannot exceed physical load.

3. Control weight

The more obesity, the higher the risk of breast cancer.Obesity female breasts contain too much fat, which is sensitive to estrogen. At the same time, the level of estrogen is high, and breast cancer is sprouting. Therefore, controlling weight is critical.

4. Reject smoking and drinking

A considerable number of women should be released with smoking, but cigarettes can be released too much cancer when they are burning. They enter the body through some channels and harm multiple organs, including breast tissue.In addition, alcohol can harm liver cells, weaken liver activation of estrogen, promote estrogen to increase, and increase the risk of breast cancer.

5. Breastfeeding

Studies have shown that breastfeeding can maintain hormone balance, protect breast tissue, reduce the risk of breast cancer, and also provide enough nutrition for babies, which is just two birds with one stone.

After learning above, the wrong and large dose of oral contraceptives can promote breast cancer, so the contraceptive method should be changed.In addition, after adolescence development, do breast self -examination every month. After menstruation, about one week after menstruation, observe whether the size of the breasts on both sides is consistent, whether there is a lump with a touches, and whether there is pancreatic fluid.Go to the hospital to do a breast B -ultrasound or breast molybdenum target examination each year.

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