After pregnancy, diarrhea is more terrible than constipation!But with these four tricks, expectant mothers can relieve at home!

After pregnancy, constipation often plagues expectant mothers, but diarrhea also occurs from time to time, and the effect of diarrhea on the fetus is greater than constipation!

The most serious and direct consequences of expectant mothers are diarrhea that causes uterine contraction, leading to abortion or premature birth!Think about the scene of holding the pants, rushing to the toilet with his stomach, and then squatting down suddenly, crackling, touched the whole stomach, the whole process was dangerous for the fetus.

Even if the diarrhea of pregnant mothers is slightly mild, if it is not good for a long time, it will affect the absorption of nutrients, which will indirectly affect the fetal development.Therefore, once the expectant mothers have diarrhea, they must pay attention to it.

We divide the causes of diarrhea into two categories: infection and disorders.

The infection type means that the digestive system is infected with bacteria and viruses, causing diarrhea; the disorders are diarrhea caused by the human body’s own system disorders.Most of the types of diarrhea in pregnant women are imbalance, such as hormone disorders during pregnancy, or not accepting soil and water.

If it is a disordered diarrhea, you will not easily prescribe medicine when you go to the hospital, because you are a pregnant woman.Pregnant mothers can deal with such diarrhea from the following four aspects:

1. Supplement of moisture.Diarrhea, the biggest harm to mothers is dehydration.This is the result of the imbalance of electrolytes in the body due to the loss of moisture. Therefore, expectant mothers should pay attention to replenishing moisture when diarrhea.We recommend eating porridge with a little salt and sugar.

Second, the diet is light.During diarrhea, gastrointestinal digestive function is definitely weak.If the expectant mother eats some greasy and indigestible foods at this time, it will be worse.When diarrhea is severe, it should be based on light and liquid foods, and even fasting for a period of time if necessary.

3. Improve intestinal colonies.Such as drinking some yogurt containing proses.

Fourth, take the mashed stone scattered agent.If the diarrhea is more serious and the stool is very frequent and difficult to control, the pregnant mother can take the masked stone bulk to rescue the emergency.This kind of medicine for diarrhea is essentially a natural mineral that will not be absorbed by the body of the pregnant woman and has no effect on the health of the fetus.

In summary, when pregnant mothers have diarrhea, they can be treated according to the following rhythm:

1. Start slight diarrhea, immediately change the light diet, and stop diarrhea;

2. If diarrhea continues, drink some probiotic yogurt, pay attention to replenishing water, and the diarrhea improves;

3. If the diarrhea continues to develop and is severe enough to control it, you can take the mask littering agent according to the manual, then check the stool and find a professional doctor for treatment.

In addition, it is worth noting that if the expectant mother is accompanied by pus and blood when she finds her diarrhea, she should go to the doctor immediately.

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