After pregnancy, I found that every mother is a superhero

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My pregnancy finally entered the final sprint stage.

Yesterday, I went to the birth check for fetal heart monitoring. After the result, the doctor said to me, your baby is quite big, the baby’s heartbeat is fast, it is not stable, and it is high and low.If you are hospitalized, take oxygen …

I wondered: "What is the child in the stomach? When you see us in a hurry, don’t be so excited, her/his heartbeat soar from 105 to 180" made my mood like a accelerated roller coaster …

So, I hurriedly ate something, and went to measure an electrical control. The second score: 10 points, not bad.

Take it to the doctor, the doctor said, "Wait at home, and the contraction of 5 minutes once, come to the hospital for students."

"Ah? What?"

I was stunned at the time, because I might have a fat stomach, I didn’t feel at all, I asked the doctor: "What does the contraction feel?"

She said, "The belly is tight"

Then I stunned again, what is my belly tight?My stomach seems to have been tight.I had a lot of exercise before high school. Although the university was blessed, the old muscles on the belly were also very tight …

Then the doctor dragged the meat on my belly with silently, and said, the feeling of tightness is that the belly is tight.

"Oh! ~" I realized instantly, and I felt like a elementary school student …


From the inspection of her pregnancy to the present, I was about to give birth to a baby. I found that my awareness of the field of production and the later period of the baby showed a desertification state.

I started to think that I wouldn’t have a baby, what’s difficult!

But when I experienced:

期1. Frequent nights to go to the toilet every night during pregnancy;

的 2. There is no appetite in the early pregnancy, and when you see food, you want to throw them away;

的3. The left and right calves in the middle of pregnancy take turns to cramp at night;

的4. Hand swelling, leg swelling, and swelling of the whole body;

几5. There are also the confusion of preparing dozens of hundreds of items to be available for products (I don’t understand these before)

生6. He is about to give birth now, some fear of production …

Let me realize: It’s not easy to have a baby. Moms who come over, I respect you as a hero!

My mentality also starts from the beginning: I want to prepare the best for the baby, until now: Almost …

I went back to my mother’s house at noon and saw a 3 -year -old bear child with his grandmother.

My child and I said, "The child is so young, so stubborn?!" His grandma laughed and said, he had a temper when he was two years old …

Looking at my big belly, my mother said with a smile in the elevator at the time: "Do you think your mother is so good?"

I was suddenly poked at the laughter. It seems that when my mother is still a "technical work", the road is long and far away ~


Yesterday afternoon, I went to buy a few breads underneath and communicated with a clerk. She said that she was a cesarean section. Although she was going to be rescued at the time, she felt nothing now.

Compared with the birth of a child, it is more troublesome to raise after giving birth. After giving birth, I think that the baby is still in the stomach. At least adults can walk around at will.

At that time, I was in a moment of mentality. I felt that I could still enjoy the benefits of nourishing the belly and earning. This sister knew comfort.

This morning, I slowly climbed the stairs like a penguin. I saw two cleaned aunts in the corridor. They smiled kindly at me and said that the girl was going to give birth …

I asked: Auntie, do you hurt your child?They told me that they were still working in farmers at that time, suddenly stomachache, and then gave birth to a few hours. There was nothing special to feel after giving birth, relaxing the place faster …

Therefore, I have a lot of stability in my mentality, and I do n’t walk as before. I am as cautious as the night walking secret room.


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