After pregnancy, I found uterine fibroids, and the road of fetal protection was twisted. The doctor suggested that the family is speechless!

The road of tenure is extremely difficult, and the uterine multi -fibroids are 9 cm in the maximum.

My child is not easy to come, the whole family has high hopes, and my friends and relatives have always paid attention and care, and it also puts a lot of pressure on me, because this child has consumed a lot of energy and financial resources of our family.Ten years of longing for the child road, and finally the positive fruit is pregnant, it should be happy,

However, there were many unexpected and unexpected troubles during the future inspection. The culprit was uterine fibroids. Watching others pregnant and having children were very happy, but I went to the hospital with both ends and dare to go to the hospital for three days.Check it, for fear of where to make mistakes, causing the baby in the belly to hurt or even leave me, so every day is very, very cautious, Alexander.

The first month of examination found that multiple uterine fibroids are about 1cm and about 2cm. The city hospital said that there is no impact. As long as it does not continue to rise, it does not have much impact on the child.It rose like a rising like, 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 6 8 cm, and the largest time exceeded 9 cm.It’s bigger and happy.

The concept of flat fibroids

The doctor said that it should be too nutritious. While the fetus increased, it would grow up. Some of the size of the baby head that was about to give birth, and my fibroids have occupied half of the entire uterine cavity. IfIf the position is not ideal, it will cause the fetus to not get good development in the uterine cavity

The ultrasound image of the baby in the mother’s uterus

When 7 months old, there are irregular contractions every week, because it is the first time that there is no experience in pregnancy and check the information on the Internet. It is normal to have contraction.The contractions are not the same. The frequent contraction is started, the stomach is hard and tight, and it is very regular. It has been contracted every 5 minutes. My husband and I are very worried. The doctor said to the hospital in the evening.Frequent, this is a precursor to premature birth. How do you come?Children may not be able to keep prematurely in 7 months. The hope of survival is very small. It made us have a psychological preparation. At that time, our hearts were like a thunderstorm and could not control emotions at all. What should I do?, Now I have done everything.

Perhaps the baby is very strong. She also knows that her mother is not easy. After the hospitalization treatment that night, the situation has improved, and the contraction gradually becomes weaker. After a week, the fetus was a bit stable.

After being discharged more carefully, the contraction appeared again at 9 months of the third trimester. At this time, the contraction of the contraction is no longer tight, and it is qualified to be produced. At the same time, the problem is coming.I want to do a caesarean section and remove the fibroids inside.Therefore, it is not recommended to take it out, but if the family wants to take it out together, they have to be guilty of the operation for a while. In the end, the family decided to take a cesarean section.The situation is determined.

The surgeon uses a surgeon to cut the mouth when the cesarean section is produced, and the horizontal incision is used at the level of the pubic hairline to cut the skin and subcutaneous tissue

On the day of production, it was still smooth. The only regret was that my fibroids could not be taken out with my children after all, because the amount of bleeding in my uterine cavity was too large and the fibroids were not good.Those who do tumor cutting surgery have taken out my uterus and flipped over. The chief physician, assistant physician, and anesthesiologist have been studied for a long time.If you can’t control the bleeding point, you must remove the uterus, and there will be danger of life. During the surgery, they asked me. I was really unable to describe it. Finally, for the sake of stability, I chose to choose. In the end, I chose to choosegive up.

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Later, when I put it back, I had a heartbreaking pain in my stomach. Why would there be a feeling of anesthetic? Maybe the anesthetic was about to work hard. I want to be so painful.And me?In the future, I still have to struggle with my fibroids. The doctor said that it does not affect the second child. It can be pregnant normally, but it is easy to cause abortion. It is generally normal that it will not be degenerated.Stay, what?I said I do n’t understand, but it ’s fortunate that adults and children are fine, is n’t it!

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