After pregnancy, I wanted to move back to my mother’s house, but my mother disgusted: Don’t be born here, obscure

Author: five layers

Is the daughter marrying, is it like water splashed out?Originally in my worldview, this was the concept of ancient times. How could there be people now, so think so.

I did n’t know. Some time ago, my friend Lele, but told me with my own experience that there are still residues.

Everything happened a few years ago, and Lele was pregnant in the early stages of pregnancy.At that time, Lele’s husband had worked abroad for a long time, and her in -laws were not in the province.

Therefore, as soon as Lele discovered her pregnancy, she wanted to move back to her mother’s house and let her parents take care of their pregnancy.In this way, Lele ran back with a big bag. When he saw his parents, he said that he would surprise them. You are going to be a grandfather and grandmother immediately!

Parents just heard the news, and of course happy.But she saw her daughter say that she wanted to live back to her mother’s house because a person was always unsafe.

Their faces were a little gloomy immediately.Mom said: Hey!You have to go home suddenly, and we are not ready.You see your room, it has been used for piles of debris.Moreover, your brother will get married in the second half of the year. At that time, people will come and go, and it is inconvenient to be a big belly.

But these words did not dispel the idea of music.She didn’t even hear that her mother was unwilling.She also thought that she was the little princess of this family, and was the same as before she was married.

After that, he sorted out the room and lived in.

Originally, if it was smooth during pregnancy, music would not notice it, and his status at home was not as good as before.I didn’t want to live back to my maid’s house a few days ago. Lele broke a threatened abortion, scaring their family, and took her daughter to go to the hospital for more than a dozen trips.

Lele said he was a move at that time.She felt that she really made a correct choice and returned to her maid’s home.

However, after Lele is ready.Her mother said to her: Otherwise, you should go back to your own home!You see your current situation, if there is something wrong with this, it is not good for your brother’s marriage!Moreover, do you have to confine at home?Too obscure.

ha?Lele did not expect to dream that my mother would say this.She was uncomfortable with her pregnancy, but her mother did not stand on her side, but only thought about her brother’s marriage.Even if she was afraid that her baby had something wrong, it would affect her brother.

At the moment of Lele, she only felt chill. For the first time, she really realized that she was different from her son.

She cried and asked her: Why not consider or consider herself!I am your daughter, can’t you want to settle in your mother’s family?

Mom replied: You have married, not the person in this family.If you have any problems, you should find your husband and in -laws.You just say that this time, we have done their best.If you feel that a person is not good at home, go to your mother -in -law’s house.

Next, Lele was too late to refute, and my sister also ran out to persuade her: We are the daughter of marriage, and we should not always run home.You said that you have lived here for almost a month, and your parents have taken you and ran several times.It’s okay, you listen to your sister, go to your mother -in -law’s house to settle, and eat them!How can they be cheap.

But things are so easy to say, they and her husband’s medical insurance are locally locally produced.There were no in -laws who did not retire, and they didn’t have time to take care of themselves.She had also taken this time to return to her mother’s house!But the parents said this, what else can she do!

Lele was cold and returned to his own house.She told me that since she has experienced a child.She has seen her mother!In the future, she can only rely on herself, who makes her a daughter, not a son.No one will rely on her and support her.

Eh!Listening to Lele really made me feel sad.Treating by my parents, I think anyone will be sad.

I can only say that they don’t treat you as a family, and don’t take them seriously.

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