After pregnancy, I will face these embarrassment, I can’t bear to endure it. Doctors: Why tolerate

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What about women who are pregnant?Usually, others seem to be that this pregnant woman does not make up, has a louder belly, has a loud breath of walking, and eating various taboos, etc., but in the eyes of pregnant women, after pregnancy, the change is really too big.

The first is the diet that I like to eat very much before. I suddenly couldn’t adapt after pregnancy. I vomited as soon as I ate it, but I still decided to be delicious, but I couldn’t eat it.

Then I face the embarrassment at night. I used to lie down, side lying, 360 degrees to sleep without pressure. With a child, I did not want to rotate 360 degrees, but the child did not let it. It was uncomfortable to sleep., But a posture is exhausted all night.

There are still many changes in the body. Three months later, the stomach is crazy. Others only see the big belly, but they realize how the stomach is opened.

A pregnant woman took a bus. At that time, everyone in the car did not see that the pregnant woman was pregnant. It seemed that the size of three or four months, and the pregnant woman did not say that she stood in a corner and cared for her belly intentionally or unintentionally.

But suddenly the pregnant woman showed an unnatural expression, looked out frequently, and then looked at the direction of the driver, but the distance between the site and the site was a bit long, because it was not a bustling urban area. LaterThen, I did not expect to have an embarrassment. It turned out that pregnant women had urinary incontinence.

At that time, the people around the car immediately looked at the pregnant woman, and the pregnant woman blushed and said: I was pregnant, and I didn’t hold it.Just a bumps frightened.

Although it is embarrassing, all pregnant women who have been pregnant or pregnant will have this experience. We may hold back for a long time, but pregnant women not only can’t hold it, but they cannot urinate, and they will have great damage to the bladder and pregnancy.

Due to the oppression of the fetus, the frequent urination of pregnant women will become more and more frequent in the early and late stages.

After pregnancy, I can’t control my temper: Women pregnant said that their personality is changing. Women themselves do not admit it, but they will become different. When colleagues are in the second month of pregnancy, they will be with the leader because they are not good at work.His noisy, this was never before.

No matter how difficult it is, colleagues can make fun and even help the people around her. Many those who want to leave to listen to her persuasion. I did not expect that she was getting pregnant first.After that, colleagues also felt unreasonable.

In fact, this is just caused by various physiological reactions after pregnancy. What Baoma needs to relax and learn to solve my own.

After pregnancy, I often face frequent urination: Many people feel shy because of frequent urination, especially if they dare not go well because of this, or relax with friends.This phenomenon is caused.A pregnant woman said that every two hours and nights at night, they felt that they would not stop sleeping. This was normal without anxiety.

The desire for husband and wife life after pregnancy: This kind of desire for the normal life of husband and wife is also normal. It is impossible to endure it all the time. As long as you can survive the first three months and the first month after the production, you can actually be possible.In the same room, you need to be careful about it, and it is said that when the husband and wife are in the same room, the fetus in the stomach is also very active.

In fact, the beginning of the abstinence was that in the year after the child was born, in this year, if a cesarean section needs to be nourished, and the child needs to take care of the child like a delivery.I wake up every few hours to eat, and I have to eat frequently and frequent sleeping places. Therefore, as long as you pay attention to the sanitation during pregnancy, keep yourself and your husband’s hygiene and avoid bacterial infection.

I am a candy mother, a senior childcare teacher, and a 4 -year -old baby mother. I can ask me any questions I encountered during the parenting process. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the troubles in the process of bringing the baby.And confusion.

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