After pregnancy, is your four parts black?

Lili has been pregnant for several months. She has been at home a little boring at home in the past few months. Last weekend, she said that a few friends would go out to eat together to eat, and by the way.But when she stood in front of the mirror, she suddenly found a very strange thing. Her armpits, necks, and navel turned black.Lili is a very beautiful person. The skin suddenly turned black and made her very unhappy. Wouldn’t she come back in vain in the future?

one.Why do you get darkened when you are pregnant?

Increases of hormones after pregnancy will activate more melanocytes, and with the increase of pregnancy time, melanin will be deposited more and more, and the range is getting wider and wider.

two.The easiest part of the pregnant mother

1. Face

The face is the most concerned part of women, so as long as there is a change in the pregnant mother, she will notice it as soon as possible.Yellow spots appear on the face of 3 months of pregnancy. As the pregnancy time increases, these stains may appear on the eyes.

2. nipple

The increase in hormones during pregnancy, pigmentation, and the most obvious manifestations are breasts. This is the breasts storing milk to prepare for the baby’s rations.So for the baby’s milk, pregnant mothers should not feel unhappy.

3. Neck, armpit

These two seemingly unrelated parts will also quietly turn black after pregnancy, and the dark lines appear. It looks like it is not cleaned. Sometimes wearing some low -collar clothes will make the pregnant mother feel that the pregnant mother feelsAwkward.

4. Navel

This part will not have any impact on the life of pregnant mothers, and it predicts that the baby is desperately developing.

three.Can these black parts come back after childbirth?

The abnormal secretion of hormone during pregnancy is the main cause of the body. After childbirth, the body hormone secretion is normal. These sedimentary melanin will gradually disappear and even completely disappear.But everyone has different physical fitness, and the degree of recovery is different.If you want to come back completely, you need to maintain it well.

1. If you want to whiten, you must first replenish it. After delivery, Baoma should pay attention to the cleaning and moisturizing of the body. Especially in a relatively obvious part, you can use some skin care products. After bathing, you should take care of the body in time.

2. The sedimentation of melanin is not only because of the change of hormones but also the damage of ultraviolet rays, so expectant mothers must do sunscreen at any time to reduce ultraviolet exposure to the skin.

3. Vitamin C has a whitening effect. It is necessary to eat this kind of food during pregnancy or after childbirth, such as lemon, kiwi, broccoli, etc.

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