After pregnancy, it is getting uglier, it turned out to be because of the lack of it

After Xiaolu became pregnant, as the baby in the body developed day by day, his face became waxy yellow. Even the rosy lips became pale and pale, and his body often felt tired, and sometimes felt panic and panting.HH?After entering the hospital for examination, I found that it was because of the iron deficiency of the path.

Iron deficiency during pregnancy

During pregnancy, expectant mothers are more likely to have iron deficiency anemia than other people. Due to the growth and development of the fetus and their own reserves, expectant mothers must supplement sufficient nutrients from the diet.The baby will directly absorb the nutrition of the mother’s body, which will lead to the lack of iron in the mother’s body and affect the health of pregnant women.If the lack of iron deficiency, it may not only cause the mother’s postpartum depression, but also it will also have a bad impact on the baby’s health.For example, premature birth, low weight of new babies and so on.Mother -to -mother iron deficiency will not only endanger their health, but also affect the baby’s growth and development.

Moderate supplementing iron is necessary for most menopause women.But if you add too much, there will be a danger of poisoning.It is best to take the iron in the meal together, which can reduce the risk of poisoning.At the same time, the protein in food can improve the absorption of iron.

Symptoms of iron deficiency during pregnancy

1. Pregnant women are deficient in iron and insufficient nutrition in the body. The most obvious feature is that the mother’s facial wax is yellow, the skin lacks elasticity, especially the lips are pale, and they look no angry.

2. It is easy to exhaust, and the quasi -mothers will be weakened in the body, and their appetite will be affected.Sometimes there is symptoms of dizziness.

3. After the pregnant woman is deficient in iron, the heart will feel uncomfortable and the symptoms of palpitations will occur.Sometimes it is difficult to breathe and uncomfortable.More serious can cause heart failure of pregnant women.

If pregnant women have a mild iron deficiency response, there are generally no obvious symptoms.Moms need to carefully observe their health.If the situation is serious, the mothers will seek medical treatment in time.So how should expectant mothers supplement iron?

Specific mothers can use two methods through two methods, one is the medicine supplement and the other is food iron supplement.The medicine supplementation of the medicine is relatively fast, but most of the medicine supplement does not belong to the prescription medicine. When the expectant mothers use the medicine, they must take it under the guidance of a doctor.Make iron supplementation according to the doctor’s advice and correct dosage, and adverse symptoms are rare.And most iron supplements are used for pregnant women, and the safety index is relatively high.Although the iron supplementation is slow, it is quite healthy for the mother’s body.Many foods contain a large amount of iron, such as animal liver and animal blood.

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