After pregnancy, not only has the figure deformed, but also various embarrassment, but often make the pregnant mother self -confidence.

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She was pregnant, her stomach became bigger day by day, and her stomach made her walk like a penguin.

In the past, even when I went out to buy vegetables, I needed heavy makeup, but now they are all plain.

Because of the effect of hormones, the stars have a little pregnancy spots, and the skin on the neck is dark.”Zero plan”

I used to wear high -heeled shoes, and the aura was immediately one meter eight. Now she is pregnant with edema, which makes her obsessed with her mother’s old Beijing shoes.

This is the appearance of most women when she is pregnant. The poets praise the pregnant women with motherhood beauty.But this illusory beauty is too convincing.

During pregnancy, the skin changes due to the action of hormones. Most of the time, it changes in a bad direction. The body deformation cannot escape. It may also be edema, which causes the shoes to wear a large number.

So now, in order to maintain her figure, in order to make themselves forever, they are single to the end, or Dink does not have children.

After pregnancy, our bodies will change dramatically.

The first embarrassing symptoms: the body is not smelling

Before you were pregnant, many women loved cleanly. Before going out every day, they would dress themselves beautifully or even fragrant.

After pregnancy, a lot of cosmetics dare not use it anymore. Secondly, the mother’s metabolism will become faster, so I do n’t sweat much. I like sweating after pregnancy, and the sweat will become very heavy.

Not only did he have sweat, but he also found that the body’s body taste became heavier. Some mothers said that they had no body odor before, but when I was pregnant, I found that I seemed to have body odor.

In addition, the leakage that may not be suppressed during pregnancy, or the increased secretion, will cause the mother to be full of five flavors and irritability.

Suggestion: Moms need to understand that the body’s odor after pregnancy is normal.

You can prepare some pads in the bag. In case of too much secretion or leakage, you can replace it in time.

If the weather is not cold, you can take a shower once in the morning and evening.

The second embarrassing symptom: I can’t help but fart

After pregnancy, a large number of estrogen hormones will slow down the intestinal motility.

Slowness of intestinal peristalsis can make food staying in the intestine longer, so that the mother’s nutrition can be absorbed more thoroughly, but the food residue stays in the intestine for too long, and the real estate continues to cause the intestine, resulting in the intestineGas in the road increases.

The finally gase of the intestinal gase is through the anus, and the digestion is not very good during pregnancy. The farts are generally very loud.

When you are not pregnant, you may be able to bear it if you want to fart, and you can endure it into no sound, but after pregnancy, the pelvic floor muscle elasticity decreases, and the control ability to control the anal sphincter

Many pregnant mothers will go to work normally after pregnancy. Think about the colleagues that only the keyboards rang, but they suddenly released a shock fart. When all colleagues looked at you, the eyes of all colleagues were looking at you.Your face was blushed involuntarily.Such scenes may appear several times a day.

In case the company is in a meeting, the leader is asking you to ask you, you still put a fart when you are organizing the language, and you really want to find a hole in a hole.


Mom can eat as little meals as much as possible, because the intestinal digestive ability is poor, eating less meals can reduce the digestive pressure of the intestine.Reduce the production of gas.

Eat as little or not exhaust food as much as possible: foods such as sweet potato, taro and other high -carbohydrates, as well as soybeans such as soy milk and soybeans.There are also meals such as onions and cabbage.Don’t drink carbonated drinks.

If the mother has lactose intolerance, then the milk should not drink for the time being. You can consider drinking yogurt or lactose -free milk.

Eat more vegetables and speed up the intestinal peristalsis.

The third embarrassing symptoms: involuntary leakage

When I was a little girl before, when I went to the bus once, it was just summer. There was a pregnant woman sitting in front of me, just wearing light -colored pants.

When I was ready to go to the station, she heard a big sneezing. After arriving at the station, she stood up to get out of the car. I found that her pants had a watermark.When I passed by me, there seemed to be a somber taste. At that time, I felt particularly puzzled. Why are you still urinating pants?

Later, when she was pregnant, she learned that when the mother was pregnant, the abdominal pressure increased when sneezing, and the elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles decreased, so the urine would not be involuntarily missed.

Every time I go out, I wear dark pants as much as possible, and I will bring a pad.

Later, I also followed the video to learn the Kiger movement, which was a lot better.

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