After pregnancy, the pregnant mother who loves beauty should be far away from these types

Colleagues Xiaoli especially likes makeup, and she loves to make heavy makeup. Even after pregnancy, it is still the same. Whether it is on the face or on the hair, it can be tossed more when she can toss more.The doctor strictly banned her from re -re -made her makeup.For female friends, beauty is sure, but for pregnant mothers, you must be careful, especially the following "cosmetics" must be far away.

1. Lipstick

Lipstick can be said to be the standard of every beauty. Even if you don’t make up, you have to apply a lipstick. It feels particularly confident and aura.But pregnant mothers are better away from lipstick.This is because lipsticks generally contain pigment, spices, and oil, and the oil ingredients in it will adsorb the bacteria in the air or it is harmful to the human body. It is easy to enter the pregnant mother when eating or drinking water for pregnant mothersInside the body, it also has a certain impact on the fetal treasure.Therefore, in this special period, the pregnant mother endured for the baby and the baby in the belly.

2. Nail polish

I believe that before pregnancy, I believe that many mothers will make a few good sisters on the weekend and go to the street together. Beautiful armor, know these beautiful and blingbling nails, which beautiful woman who loves beauty can not like it?

But for pregnant mothers, the harm of this nail polish is also great.These nail polish or nails generally have a substance called "titanate, which is easily absorbed by the human body, and once the pregnant mother absorbs this harmful substance, it will easily affect the baby., It may also lead to the risk of malformations or miscarriage in the baby. Therefore, the pregnant mother who loves beauty is forbearing for herself and fetal treasure, and stay away from nail oil during this special stage during pregnancy.

3. Perfume

Perfume gives a sense of elegance and noble, so there are many female friends in life that cannot be separated.It is just harmful for pregnant mothers.After all, these perfumes will contain chemicals, and baby baby will be easily affected by these substances, which will cause some diseases.Therefore, for the health of the baby, it is recommended that pregnant mothers do not use perfume during pregnancy.

4. Whitening products

As the saying goes: a white cover and ugly, so the pursuit of whitening in life is endless, so it is normal to use some whitening products, but most of these whitening products contain mercury insideThe ingredients and the content are still too much. For pregnant mothers, this kind of mercury not only hurts the urinary system and the digestive tract system, but also affects the baby baby.Essence

All in all, even if you love beauty anymore, in this special period during pregnancy, for the health of your own and fetal baby, please stay away from these cosmetics.

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