After pregnancy, the taste changes greatly, so I like to eat fritters and fried chicken steaks. What should pregnant women eat fried food?

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have changed greatly. Those who do not like sourness suddenly become sour. People who hate fried food suddenly fall in love with fried dough sticks again.

I remember that when I was pregnant, I also changed the taste. French fries, potato chips, fried chicken chops, fritters, fried chicken legs, it was particularly nagging, I had to taste it.

I knew that I knew that "I want to eat but can’t eat, and I feel full of sin".How to remedy if you have to eat "healthy" food?

Indeed, pregnant women should eat less fried foods, including fritters and fried chicken chops.Some mothers say that I don’t know why, I can’t control my appetite at all.

With the increase of hormones during pregnancy, after the adjustment of the endocrine system of the pregnant mother, the dietary preference will also change accordingly. In fact, sometimes it is not how much he is, it is the body as a demon!It is indeed not controlled by your own will.

Risk of fried foods often during pregnancy, the risk of gestational diabetes will increase accordingly. Pregnant mothers who eat 7 times or more a week are 88%higher than pregnant mothers who do not eat fried foods with gestational diabetes!

In addition, the fritters are not easy to digest, and do not meet the diet standards for pregnant women and maternal diet.

Essential fatty acids and fat -soluble vitamins A, vitamin D, vitamin E, which are essential fatty acids and fatty acids and vitamin E, which are oxidized, reduced the nutritional value of the oil, and it is difficult for edible fritters to supplement a variety of nutrients.Waiting for performance.

Frying food, pregnant women are not the same as the result of not eating. Some people say that occasionally eating is not so exaggerated. After reading the following sets of data, you may not think so.


The calories per 100 grams of oil are 388 kcal, which is equivalent to 3 bowls of rice, which contains 6.9 grams of protein, 17.6 grams of fat, and 51.0 grams of carbohydrates

Fried chicken chop

The heat per 100 grams is 246 kcal, which is equivalent to 2 bowls of rice, which contains 13.8 grams of protein, 13.8 grams of fat, and 16.4 grams of carbohydrates

Occasionally, pregnant women may have no significant impact. If you eat 1-2 daily, it is estimated that it will be able to overweight and cause other problems.

Moreover, there are many fritters on the street without food safety guarantee. The oil of fried fried fried fried fritters may be ditch oil, may be repeated old oil, or animal oil such as roast duck oil.Having said that, it is recommended that pregnant mothers eat less "garbage" food.

After eating fritters, a cup of soy milk

The fritters and soy milk are the best combination. Eat it together, not only the taste is better.From a nutritional perspective, most of the fritters contain an extra amount of alum, which is an inorganic object of aluminum -containing. After being absorbed by the pregnant mother, it will cause harm to the fetal brain nerve cells, and it is difficult to exclude the in vitro and easily cause accumulation.

After eating fritters, a cup of soy milk is rich in soy milk. At this time, soy milk is rich in lecithin. Some scientific discovers believe that lecithin can make the memory of Alzheimer’s patients improve.

One is to damage brain cells, and the other is to increase memory function. Soy milk can just play a "antidote" function.

In addition, soy milk can neutralize the oil of the fried dough sticks, reducing the discomfort caused by the fat to the pregnant mother’s body, but pay attention not to drink too much at a time, and the symptoms of abdominal distension may occur if you drink too much.

After eating the fried chicken steak, remember to drink a glass of warm water

"Eat fried chicken legs at a time, and eat fried chicken rows again and again." But many pregnant mothers regret it after eating, and they are afraid of hormones, groove oil, monosodium glutamate and other impacts on the baby. At the same time, they will be uncomfortable after eating.Over time, it may cause constipation.

Therefore, pregnant mothers remember to add water appropriately after eating, so as not to cause constipation.If you eat chicken at a time, you can eat more vegetables in the second meal.

Personal experience sharing: Eat too much fried food at one time. It is recommended that the second meal can eat some greens. The kind of less oil and less salt can relieve the burden on the intestinal tract, and the whole person will be much more refreshing.

After eating fried food, a cup of yogurt later later

Yogurt accelerates intestinal peristalsis and can accelerate the discharge of fried food. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers can come to a cup of yogurt after eating fried food. Mothers with high blood sugar can choose sugar -free yogurt.

After eating fried food, remember to act in the event

After eating the fried food head, I started to "sink". Want to sleep, is there?

But at this time, the pregnant mother must not lie down immediately and rest. The prospective father took a walk out to take a walk. When he walked, he was refreshing.

In fact, almost all pregnant women have eaten greasy food during pregnancy. The facts prove that a small amount of eating will not have a significant impact on the baby, so the pregnant mothers who eat occasionally or twice do not have to be too nervous.

If you just want to eat fried foods such as fritters and chicken chops, it is recommended to let the prospective father do it, safe and healthy.

Point of production

When making the fritters, it should be used to use the formula without alum -free fritters to replace it with yeast and alkali.In addition, olive oil can also be used.

The method of making fried chicken steaks is relatively simple, and there are fewer skills. Almost only need to master the words "knocking, pickling, wrapping, and fried". The focus is on the mixing of pregnant women to put less salt to avoid sodium retention.

In addition, the fried oil should be used with vegetable oil. If the conditions are OK, you can use olive to fried chicken steaks, which may be a bit expensive!

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