After pregnancy, these "privileges" that women can enjoy, but don’t care about it.

With the advent of the second child of my country, the state government has also encouraged people to have a second child through a series of policies.However, if you want to encourage women to have a second child, they must give them a certain living security, that is, to improve the life treatment of pregnant mothers.Therefore, the state provides a series of privileges for pregnant mothers, so pregnant mothers must understand the privileges they should enjoy.

So, what privileges are given to pregnant mothers?

Nowadays, many pregnant mothers say they are worried about their maternity leave.Because pregnant mothers need to regulate their bodies and minds for a long time after giving birth, and prepare for returning to the workplace.However, the maternity leave of pregnant mothers was generally fixed within 98 days, both 15 days before giving birth and 83 days after delivery.In other words, it is obviously difficult for pregnant mothers to have 98 days from preparing to have children to return to the workplace.However, in order to encourage the advent of the second child, the state has extended maternity leave from 128 days to 158 days in 2019. This policy has been implemented in 25 provinces.In addition, Guangdong, Heilongjiang, Hainan and other provinces will extend maternity leave to half a year, and Tibet and other regions will extend the production inspection to one year.Therefore, pregnant mothers must facilitate their special power.

I believe that everyone knows that pregnancy examinations are the most critical steps for eugenics, but it is difficult for many families to pay for project costs for various pregnancy examinations.Therefore, many pregnant mothers will deliberately ignore some of the production inspection items they think are not important. It is precisely because of this, so the annual birth rate of abnormal fetuses in my country is still not low.In response to the national policy of eugenics, the state has also launched a series of free pregnancy tests.Therefore, pregnant mothers must enjoy this treatment and escort the baby’s health.

Pregnancy is the happiest thing for every family, but for those pregnant mothers who still need to work during pregnancy, they really worry about family members and friends.However, considering that there are still many pregnant mothers who need to work during pregnancy, the state and the government have made some protection systems for the working workers of pregnant mothers.For example: pregnant mothers cannot continue to work in accordance with the original contract, but I should give adjustments.In other words, pregnant mothers can seek their own benefits based on the situation and the "Special Regulations for the Protection of Women’s Workers" during their work.

Presumably everyone remembers that before the state’s second -child policy, families who have chased second babies will be fined.However, with the advent of the "two -child era", in order to respond and the implementation of the "second child policy", the government will not only levy any costs, but also give some allowances in some areas to encourage moreFamily chasing a second child.In other words, families who have a second child can often get more social allowances.

I hope that pregnant mothers can clearly understand some privileges she can enjoy, and actively respond to the implementation of the country’s "second child policy" while enjoying these privileges.””””

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