After pregnancy, these 3 pregnant mothers will not only grow longer and ugly, but also hurt the fetus

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As the saying goes, beauty is a woman’s nature. Everyone must agree with this. Which one did not steal the mother’s high -heeled shoes when she was a child?However, it is necessary to cost to maintain this beauty, especially after pregnancy.As we all know, pregnancy itself is a test for women. The body will go away and the diet will change. Besides, the pregnancy is long and ten months old. If you do n’t pay attention, there will be some bad habits that are damaged to the image of the pregnant mother.After giving birth to a child, the pregnant mother will only be surprised to look at the mirror: Who is this woman?But the reason is yourself.Today, let’s talk about these pregnant mothers who have performed after pregnancy. Not only will they grow longer and ugly, they will also hurt the fetus.

Pregnant mother who stays up late when I can’t sleep

Regarding staying up late, let alone after pregnancy, even if you are pregnant, you will hurt your energy.Except for a young age, which woman stays up late, isn’t it hurting herself?The forehead is acne, the dark circles of the eyes, pale face, emotional weakness, etc., and the leaders are also scolded with low work efficiency.After pregnancy, staying up late will only worsen these transformers, not only will the pregnant mother feel mentally sluggish, but also directly hurt the skin, vision, appearance and temperament.

Of course, the most injured is the detox system inside the body, which is our internal organs.Poor detoxification causes strong liver fire, which leads to constipation, and gastrointestinal failure will cause pregnant mothers to lose their appetite, and malnutrition will cause fetal problems.In this regard, it makes the pregnant mother unbearable.Therefore, pregnant mothers remember that they must not stay up late after pregnancy. They will not only become ugly, but also hurt the baby in the stomach.

Pregnant mothers with excessive appetite

The weight gain during pregnancy is particular. Many pregnant mothers think that they can eat and drink after pregnancy. In fact, after pregnancy, they should be more particular than before pregnancy, especially in terms of calorie intake.Many pregnant mothers only know that they eat and drink after pregnancy, thinking that they are good for the fetus, and they think they can recover after giving birth. This is wrong.There are standard weight gain during pregnancy. For example, you have more than 80 pounds before, and the weight gain of 30 pounds during pregnancy is normal, but if your foundation is more than 100 pounds, the weight gain is more than ten pounds.Otherwise, it is not only in shape and appearance, but may also have a "huge child", which is very unfavorable to themselves and the fetus.

Luxieh, mood all day long

Many pregnant mothers are delicate and emotionally easily affected by the outside world. A little things at home can make her pregnant.After many times, not only can it be easily depressed before giving birth, but also changes in the appearance. For example, it has become a bitter gourd.In addition to yourself, poor mood will also affect the development of the fetus. When the psychological pressure is too large, there will even be small yields.Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to regulating their emotions, and maintaining joy can be brilliant.

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