After pregnancy, these foods should be avoided

After pregnancy, expectant mothers need to pay attention to all aspects, especially in terms of diet.For the health of the fetus, pregnant women need to supplement nutrition during pregnancy, so they will eat some nutritious foods.But there are some diet taboos during pregnancy, and some food pregnant women should not eat as much as possible.So what food can pregnant women eat?


Pregnant women may change during pregnancy. For example, some pregnant women may like to eat cans, popcorn, potato chips, fritters, etc.These foods are all foods with high lead. If pregnant women eat too much, they will cause damage to the fetus’s brain.Therefore, for the health of the fetus, pregnant women should eat as little or not to eat foods that contain as little as possible.

Food with high fat

Deng Qin, a maternal and gynecologist in Chongqing Anqier Maternity Hospital, said that if pregnant women often eat high -fat food, they will not only gain weight, but also increase neutral cholesterol and bile acid in the large intestine, which will easily lead to colon cancer.At the same time, high -fat foods can also lead to increased prolactin hydiotheral synthesis and easily lead to breast cancer.So pregnant women should not eat high -fat food.


Aloe vera is used in many herbal plants and has been applied to many fields, but relevant information shows that pregnant women should not eat aloe juice.If pregnant women drink too much aloe vera juice, blood, abdominal pain or vomiting may occur, which may cause abortion.


Crab is a food that many people like to eat, but it is best not to eat pregnant women.Because crabs are cold foods and have the effect of removing blood stasis and blood circulation, pregnant women may also have a miscarriage when eating too much.


If pregnant women eat too much barley, they may cause uterine contraction and lead to abortion.


Wine is an indispensable drink in daily life. Many people love to drink, including some women.But pregnant women should not drink alcohol, otherwise it will affect the development of fetal IQ and physiological development.

Caffeine -containing drinks

If pregnant women drink too much caffeine drinks, they will lead to poor bone development of the fetus.The fetus may have malformations of toes, fingers, or other aspects.And drinking more such drinks such as pregnant women also increase risks such as miscarriage and premature birth.

Deng Qin reminded that during pregnancy is a critical period, expectant mothers must eat cautiously for the health of themselves and the fetus, and do not eat food that should not be eaten.Of course, pregnant women must also adhere to the concept of balanced diet. Do not eat partial or overeating.(Supply of Chongqing Anqier Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital)

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