After pregnancy, these sufferings are more painful than one.

Yesterday, there was a friend in the mother’s group. In the past, I thought that pregnancy was very simple, that is, the belly was large, and the action was not so convenient.

As a result, it was my turn to understand that it was not that matter at all.From the 6th week of pregnancy, I have been pregnant.As long as you open your eyes and get up every day, you will be nauseous and nauseous, and it will be stronger every day.

I ca n’t eat things all day, but vomit dark, and sometimes even bile spit out.I almost fainted in the toilet several times.

I heard that after 12 weeks of pregnancy, pregnancy vomiting will disappear.I have to look at the calendar a few more every day, looking forward to the time quickly, get rid of this pain in the early days.

Alas, seeing this is really distressing.Some people say that there is no so -called empathy in this world.As long as you have experienced everything, you can understand the difficulty and hard work.

After pregnancy, in addition to a small life in the stomach, the pregnant mother has a series of changes in the digestive system, circulation system, reproductive system, urinary system, respiratory system, endocrine system, etc.

And because of these physiological changes, many pregnant mothers need to endure the following pain:


After pregnancy, the levels of chorionic gonad hormone in the pregnant mother’s body will rise rapidly, and the amount of gastric acid secretion will begin to decrease significantly.As a result, early pregnancy reactions such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, dizziness, and weakness will cause pregnant mothers.

This is a normal pregnancy phenomenon that usually disappears after 3 months of pregnancy.But after all, the personal constitution of pregnant mothers is different. Some pregnant mothers may only change the taste, but there is no pregnancy reaction.Some pregnant mothers’ pregnancy will continue during pregnancy.

If it is a slight pregnancy vomiting, the pregnant mother should pay attention to eating less meals and a light diet. Do not eat spicy, greasy and not easy to digest foods. After eating, they should walk a little.

However, if pregnancy vomiting is more serious, what to eat and vomit, you must pay attention to and seek medical treatment in time.This situation is usually taken to relieve pregnancy.Sometimes even intravenous infusion supplement nutrition to prevent hydrolysis from disorder.


After mid -to -late pregnancy, due to skin stretching, estrogen changes in the body, seasonal changes, and intrahepatic cholenecaste accumulation during pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will experience symptoms such as itching and allergies.

If it is just a slight itching, the pregnant mother should not scratch it with her hands.Pay attention to a light diet, you can apply a little moisturizing and glyphosite washing agent.

But if itching is unbearable, restlessness, or even seriously affects the night’s sleep, you must seek medical treatment in time.It is clear whether it is physiological or pathological, and take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.


After the middle and late pregnancy, as the fetus grows rapidly, the uterus continues to grow.As a result, the lower limb veins will cause poor blood flow.Some pregnant mothers’ feet and calfs will have edema.

In addition, the secretion of solid ketone in pregnant mothers and increased blood volume will also cause physical edema.

In this case, pregnant mothers should pay attention to controlling diet and do not eat high -salt food.Bubble your feet with warm water and let your family massage gently.

Before going to bed at night, you can raise your legs for a while.When sleeping, try to keep the side lying as much as possible to relieve the compression of the lower cavity vein.


In the third trimester, some mothers will have frequent urination, pubic bone combination pain, pseudo contractions, etc.I was very uncomfortable when I was holding my big belly.If you encounter these problems again, it is really difficult to sleep peacefully, so pregnant mothers are prone to insomnia.

Finally, I want to say that if the whole pregnancy is very easy, it can only be said that the baby in my stomach hurts you.But it must be acknowledged that pregnancy and birth baby have never been a simple matter.

Therefore, don’t always feel that the pregnant mother is too aggressive and there are too many things. They are really uncomfortable.

Of course, although it is difficult to have a long pregnancy, pregnant mothers should not be too anxious and afraid.Because you are not fighting alone, and your little guy is working with you to work hard

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