After pregnancy, these two places have long hair?Don’t worry, this is the signal of the baby’s healthy development

In the 40 weeks of pregnancy, each stage, pregnant mothers have experienced different changes.In the early pregnancy, the main feeling of pregnant mothers was nausea and pregnancy. This is the signal of pregnancy and a very difficult stage.After this stage, the pregnant mother will find some new changes. Some pregnant mothers have acne on their faces, spots, and some pregnant mothers have darkened their skin. Some pregnant mothers find that their body hair becomes very strong.Even when there was no hair before, it started to grow. This made many pregnant mothers unacceptable. How can I feel a little masculine? Is there any problem with myself?

During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers discovered these two parts and grew their body hair.


The woman’s belly was very clean, smooth and delicate, but a good belly, the pregnant mother found that the body hair began to grow, and it grew up on the midline.It feels difficult to feel like a woman’s belly.And with the growth of pregnancy, the pregnancy line has quietly arrived.

2. chest

In addition to the stomach, some pregnant mothers will also find that the chest has begun to grow. This is more difficult to accept. After all, women’s breasts will not grow hair.The state of state is full of hair everywhere, and I feel that I have become too ugly.Of course, many people are worried that they will not be able to go back in the future.

Pregnant mothers do not need to be a fuss. The strong hair during pregnancy is actually a sign of the healthy development of the fetus.

For the condition of long hair, pregnant mothers do not need to be too nervous, because long hair during pregnancy is a normal phenomenon, which actually shows that the baby is in a healthy development.Hormones in the body have been changing, and female progesterone androgen will fluctuate and increase, so the hair of pregnant mothers is relatively strong.Some pregnant mothers have been growing since 8 weeks of pregnancy, and some pregnant mothers have grown from 20 weeks. Some may be almost not very long, but no matter what the situation is finally waiting for the baby, the hormone level has returned to normal.The fluff will fall off slowly, so the pregnant mother does not have to worry about the hair in the future.

In addition, it is important to note that in the late pregnancy, a lot of changes will be encountered. Pregnant mothers need to be psychologically prepared. For example, some people will have puffiness., But if the stretch marks grow, it is difficult to go, so you need to do a good job of prevention in advance. You can use some skin care products that enhance your skin elasticity, so that you can effectively alleviate the growth of stretch marks.

In short, too much changes that need to be experienced throughout pregnancy, and many of them will appear in normal development of babies. Pregnant mothers need to relax, and you and your baby are healthy.

Is there a strong hair during pregnancy?

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