After pregnant women infected with new coronal virus, what will happen to them and the baby?

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Reporter Chai Xiao Correspondent Zhou Yanning Feng Zhiyuan

What changes will they and their babies change after pregnant women infected with new coronary viruses?What are the clinical performance and precautions of pregnant women infected with new crowns?

Wang Lei, a obstetrician of Zibo First Hospital, said that through the analysis of flow, it was found that the symptoms of pregnant women infected with new crowns were close to ordinary adults.After the infection of the new crown, the course of disease is generally about 8 days. Of course, if pregnant women have basic diseases, the course of disease may be extended to about 10 days.

In order to let everyone understand more after the new crown of pregnant women infected, Wang Lei analyzed the symptoms of most normal pregnant women infected with new coronal virus.

On the first day of the onset, the symptoms are relatively mild, and you may feel mild throat discomfort, such as dry throat, throat pain, fatigue, and can’t afford spirit.At this time, if you are a pregnant woman in the early pregnancy, your family should try to observe as much as possible, drink plenty of water, and pay attention to rest.If it is a pregnant woman in mid -pregnancy, the right medicine can be considered from this day.

On the second day of the onset, the symptoms of fever began. Generally, the oral temperature was between 38.0-39.0 ° C. At the same time, the upper throat discomfort started to worsen. Pregnant women began to pay attention to the following situations: ① Before 12 weeks of pregnancyKeep your body temperature below 38.5 ° C. You can fight against the virus through autoimmune, drink plenty of water, rest more, or physical cooling.② In the middle and late pregnancy, you will feel that fetal movement is more frequent than usual.At this time, we must pay attention to changes in fetal movement, especially after 20 weeks of pregnancy.Because fetal movement is the most sensitive and intuitive indicator of whether the baby is safe in the palace.At this time, you can use symptoms.Heat -fever with antipyretics, throat pain, and anti -inflammatory drugs.During the third trimester, medication generally does not have much impact on the baby.

On the third day of the onset, this is the most severe symptom. There is a high fever, the oral temperature is above 39 ° C, and it is sore and fatigue.① Before 12 weeks of pregnancy, you must pay attention to keep your body temperature below 38.5 ° C. If necessary, you can take some suitable antipyretics to cool down.② In the third trimester, as long as all the drugs are used in large doses and long -term use, the impact on the baby will be small.Therefore, pregnant women in the third trimester can rest assured that the right medicine can be used.

On the fourth day of the onset, the body temperature began to decrease slowly. Most people gradually decreased from this day. First of all, the body temperature would fall to normal on this day, but the throat discomfort still exists, such as the pain of the throat, the dry throat, and some part of the part.Pregnant mothers will begin to have runny nose, cough, etc., which will intensify sore throat.① Pregnant women before 12 weeks of pregnancy must pay attention to changes in body temperature. If they can resist the past, the symptoms will not continue to increase, and the baby may not have any impact.If the symptoms have not improved or worsened, the body temperature continues to be above 38.5 ° C, and the probability of the baby’s affected will be relatively large.At this time, pregnant women should consider taking care of herself first, and medication.② Pregnant women in the middle and late pregnancy are still right.

On the fifth day of the onset, the body temperature can basically be said to have returned to normal, but the nose is not breathable, runny nose, cough, dry throat pain, and fatigue symptoms continue.

On the sixth day of the onset, no longer fever, but the symptoms of cough and runny nose start to worsen. At this time, do not have to worry or anxiety. It is not a manifestation of the worsening condition.The necrotic cell tissue after the virus destruction is destroyed.

On the seventh day of the onset, all the symptoms improved, the body temperature was normal, the throat would not be particularly dry and painful, the symptoms of cough and runny nose slowly disappeared, and the detection of nucleic acid was basically turning.

On the eighth day of the disease, the body was basically good.

Wang Lei reminded that the above is the onset of normal mothers.

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