After production, these "smells" in Bao Ma’s room cannot be available, otherwise the baby will easily get sick

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We know that women are more sensitive to some odors during pregnancy, and even damage the body because of some "toxic gases".After production, as a mother who takes care of the baby, there should also be some "odors" in the room.Because of some "smell", adults have no problem when they smell, and babies may be susceptible to illness.

Perfume smell

Many treasure moms have the habit of using perfume. Although they are not used during pregnancy, they are not so strict after giving birth.Like my girlfriend, I was keen to collect perfumes of various odors before pregnancy. I ended up for ten months during pregnancy and did not touch perfume.But as soon as the confinement was out of delivery, I couldn’t wait to spray some perfumes in the room and clothes.As a result, in a few days, her baby began to cry, and the symptoms of allergies appeared, and there were many red dots on the skin.Moreover, after going to the hospital for examination, the doctor said that because she used the perfume excessive, her baby’s respiratory tract was also stimulated.Every time my girlfriend talks about this, I regret it.Some babies are indeed allergic to perfume, especially for a few months after birth, and often stay in rooms with small space and poor air flow, which is more likely to have discomfort.Therefore, it is best not to have the smell of perfume in Baoma’s room after production.

Mosquito coil smell

Speaking of mosquito coils, it usually uses more in summer.There are many mosquitoes in summer. After the baby is born, because of drinking milk powder and breast milk, there will be a unique "milk flavor" of newborns, which is more likely to recruit mosquito bites.Therefore, some babies born in the summer will order mosquito coils in the house to drive mosquitoes.Although for the safety of the baby, Baoma will choose non -toxic mosquito coils used by babies, but as long as there is an insect repellent effect, there is a somewhat stimulating smell.Even if it is aroma, it will cause some harm to the baby, especially those who have a heavy taste, which may cause the baby to be dizzy and uncomfortable.Therefore, Bao Ma try not to use mosquito coils to repel mosquitoes, you can put mosquito nets on the bed, or let the family help manually repel mosquito.

Second -hand flue smell

My classmate’s husband is particularly addicted to smoke.He quit smoke for a few months during the pregnancy, and he smoked again when my classmate was pregnant.Therefore, when my classmates were pregnant, I slept with the old cen.Now that the baby is born, my classmate’s husband is very happy. He has to run into his daughter -in -law’s house every day, and sometimes he will accompany them to sleep at night.But because of the addiction, my classmates said that her husband was full of smoke. Every time she was close to the baby, the baby was very uncomfortable.On one occasion, she went out to work and asked her husband to see her baby at home. I did not expect that while the baby was asleep, she stood in the room window and smoked cigarettes.When my classmate entered the house, he dragged him out and quarreled.Her husband was quite aggrieved, saying that she was afraid that her baby would not go out to smoke, but it was bad to get angry.

We all know that second -hand smoke contains harmful gases to the human body and carcinogens, so adults must not smoke in the room with babies.Moreover, the baby’s immune ability is not as good as adults, and often sucking second -hand cigarettes can easily cause damage to the respiratory system.Therefore, the second -hand smoke smell in Bao Ma’s room must not be available.

Moms, you need to be careful after giving birth to children. The above odors will hurt the baby to some more. We must not have in our room.


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