After shooting X -rays, I found that I am pregnant, can children still want it?

People are afraid of "radiation."Perhaps it was because the fracture of the Plains bullet during World War II was too large, or there were too many legends of terrible creatures around the Chel Nobel nuclear power plant in the Soviet Union.In short, people have a psychological shadow on all "radiation".After I always feel "radiation", I may have mutations or even deformities.

Medical examinations: X -ray and CT, because there are "radiation" (although very few), are rejected by people subconsciously.Even the "magnetic resonance" without any "radiation", because of the word "nuclear", was refused by many people who misunderstood radiation, so now it has been called "magnetic resonance".

In our country, pregnant women are considered "special groups", and there are countless taboos passed down from the "ancestors" in life, let alone shooting X -rays of CT.In fact, it can be understood.We are afraid of X -rays. We usually don’t want to eat rays ourselves, let alone after pregnancy, let the small fetus in the belly be irradiated with X -rays.

What to do if the deformity is, after all, the child is so small and fragile.Even those who are not pregnant, there are rumors among the doctors: If you shoot X -rays, it is best not to have children within three months.


Do you really have to wait for three months to get pregnant after being shot?

Does it really affect the fetus during pregnancy?

After shooting X -rays, I found that I am pregnant. Is it really going to have a miscarriage?


1. By discussing radiation damage from "doses", it is a hooligan.

Everyone is familiar with this phrase "disconnecting doses and toxicity is a hooligan."In fact, the disconnection of radiation damage is also a hooligan.

For this, the industry has passed a lot of research and has confirmed:

X -rays have a threshold for all mammals, cubs, and even the adverse effects of embryos!value!of!

To put it simply, it is not to say that it hurts as soon as it is exposed to radiation.

Regardless of whether it is an adult or a fetus, the radiation must reach a certain degree before it will be damaged.

2. What is the minimum radiation dose of the fetus?

Regarding this question, the answer is very certain.

The relevant guidelines released by the American Obstetrics and Gynecology Association (ACOG) in 2017 pointed out that the impact and risk of X -ray radiation on the fetus mainly depends on two factors:

(1) Fetal age

(2) Radio dose

That is, different fetal age will correspond to different ray safety doses.

So, what is this dose?What is the minimum dose?

This data is also clear:

(1) 0-2 weeks of pregnancy, the threshold of the teratogenic dose is: 50-100MSV (Missifer), which mainly affects the death of the fetus;

(2) 2-8 weeks of pregnancy, the threshold of the teratogenic dose is: 200msv (Missifer), the main impact is congenital abnormalities;

(3) At 8-15 weeks of pregnancy, the threshold of the teratogenic dose is: 60-310msv (Nissifer), which mainly affects intelligence and malformations;

(4) At 16-25 weeks of pregnancy, the threshold of the teratogenic dose is: 250-280msv (Nissif), which mainly affects intelligence.

Therefore, you can see that the minimum influencing threshold of all tires is:

50msv (Nissifer)

in other words:

As long as the ray dosage exceeds 50msv (Nissifer), it will not be damaged.

3. What is the amount of ray and CT in the hospital?What is the value of 50msv?

Although in different cases, the value of the X -rays and CTs of different hospitals will change slightly, but this change is very small.Under normal circumstances:

A radiation dose of an ordinary chest tablet: 0.02MSV (Nissis)

A radiation dose of a knee X -ray: 0.005msv

A radiation dose of an ordinary dental tablet: 0.01MSV (Nissis)

A radiation dose of a head CT: 2MSV (Nishisa)

A radiation dose of a chest CT: 8msv (Nishisa)

… …

Obviously, the radiation doses of these inspections are much lower than the 50MSV (Missifer) mentioned earlier.

If you want to reach 50msv, that guy, you have to take 2500 breasts in a row, that is, the most radiated chest CT must also do it 6 times.Who would do it like this?

In addition, even if the radiation volume of the radiology department is far less than the dangerous dose. In order to reduce the radiation of the human body in order to reduce the radiation of the rays as much as possible, many hospitals will do it.Protection measures, even if they are not pregnant women.

For example, when shooting chest slices, many hospitals will bring special leaders and lead collars to the subjects, and a heavy lead apron below the waist.Important organs such as thyroid and perineum.

It should be pointed out that B -ultrasound and magnetic resonance are even more safe and have no effect on the fetus.

4. Summary

(1) Receive X -ray examination during pregnancy, whether it is accepted from time to time without accidents, do not have to be too nervous.There is no need to choose a miscarriage at all.

(2) Of course, even if you do not do radioactive examinations, there is a certain probability of misfortune, malformations, and various genetic diseases.

(3) "After shooting X -rays, XX Month can’t ask for children", it is even more nonsense!

(4) If you are pregnant, you really need to shoot X -rays or CTs because of trauma or other diseases, and you don’t have to be nervous.In today’s intense medical environment, it is recommended to listen to the professional opinions of professionals who are familiar with radioactive doses and obstetricians.

(5) Finally, it needs to be reminded that taboos are treated with radioactive iodine isotope during pregnancy.

Source: orthopedic doctor Lu Yao

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