After sucking the milk tea, the courier brother was almost dead!This incident has happened many times, remember to keep your life -saving action

At more than 3 pm on July 12th, the auxiliary police law of the Changhe Police Station patrolled on the road, and a middle -aged man came on the face, his face was irony.He held his throat with one hand, and his other hand waved his hands with weakness to the law, which was very strange.

Men wearing courier companies should be a courier brother.But at this time he said something in his mouth, and he couldn’t hear what he said.


Lu Yu men’s foreign body stuck in the trachea, the situation is critical

Patrol officers urgently rescue with "Himsolfa"

Ru Chaofeng stepped forward to support the man, obviously felt that he was tight.Everyone instantly understood that this was a foreign body stuck in the trachea.Looking at the situation of the man, it seems that the hypoxia is very serious and must be rescued immediately!

Yu Jinpeng, a patrol member of the peers, immediately hugged the man’s waist from behind, exerted his hands, oppressed the man’s abdomen, and took "Himsolfa" to carry out emergency rescue.He was a training in a training middle school a few years ago, and now he finally came in handy.

At this time, many enthusiastic citizens beside him also shot help. Some people moved to the bench, and some people brought a fan to help cool down.

A few minutes later, the man finally breathed slowly, and his complexion eased.He said very loudly: "Okay, I can move my hands." At the same time, his mouth spit out with saliva.

Everyone quickly handed a bottle of water and let him take a small mouth.


Sunding a large mouthful of milk tea

"Pearl" is blocked into the trachea

The man later explained that he was just drinking milk tea, drinking, taking a big breath, and even sucking the "pearl" into the trachea!At first, I was not so uncomfortable, but then I felt that my breathing was not smooth, my emotions were nervous, and I wanted to find someone to help.

After the rescue, the man wanted to leave at first, but everyone found that the "pearl" did not spit out, and insisted on letting him go to the hospital to see.

Then 120 emergency vehicles arrived, and everyone jointly sent the man to the car.After understanding the situation, the doctor also said that this situation is very dangerous.Fortunately, the first aid on the spot was done in a timely manner, and then sent it to the hospital for follow -up treatment.

After a few days, I thanked the phone call. Lu Chaofeng learned that the man had turned in danger, and his hanging heart was released.


"Pearl" stuck throat, sometimes

Learn to "Him Like Emergency Law"

Can help

Related reports on online inquiry can find that the "pearl" stuck in milk tea is not the first time that it has appeared.

In August 2020, Luoyang, Henan, a 3 -year -old girl was stuck in the "pearl". Fortunately, there were professional medical staff at the time at the time. They used Heimlik to help girls to spit out "pearls".

In Tengzhou, Shandong in October 2022, a 5 -year -old boy was stuck in his throat and breathing difficulty in the "pearl" in milk tea, and the situation was critical.Fortunately, the neighbors used Hemlck to rescue in time, and ultimately turned the danger.

On March 27 this year, Ms. Beijing’s grandson was accidentally suffocated by the "pearl" stuck throat. It coincided with a nurse passing by and successfully saved her life with "Heimlifa".

Some media have also done experiments. The diameter of "Pearl" is generally 0.8-1cm. The texture itself is more Q-bomb and it is easy to deform. In addition, "Pearl" is mostly used with straws. Considering that the diameter of the general male airway is 1.2-1.5cm, the diameter of the female airway is 1.0-1.3cm, which is likely that "pearls" will block the airway.

It is worth noting that the main hazard of airway foreign bodies is to cause suffocation, leading to hypoxia in the human body, and eventually a cardiac arrest.The average person from suffocation to the heart arrest is about 4-10 minutes. In general, the golden time of foreign body card throat rescue is 4-10 minutes, so it is often missed the golden time to rely on 120 first aid.

Experts call for it that it is necessary to popularize the "Heimlik Emergency", and it can save lives at a critical moment.

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Source: Hangzhou Daily

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