After taking emergency contraceptives, can children still ask?One article tells your doubts

There are many ways to contraception. The least recommended is taking "emergency contraceptives", because taking it once will cause women to cause a "big earthquake" and many adverse reactions.Of course, it is not that you cannot take emergency contraceptives at all, and you can still take it at some time.

① The men and women did not take contraceptive measures, and most of them occurred in the initial life;

② Sliding or rupture of condoms;

③ Male ejaculation out of control;

④ The calculation of the safety period contraceptive date;

⑤ The internal palace in the women’s body displacement or fall off;

⑥ After women suffer from sexual assault;

⑦The short -acting oral contraceptive pills have leaked.

① After taking the medicine 72 hours after the above situation occurs, the earlier the medicine is better;

② If there is vomiting after taking the medicine, it is best to take another one again;

③ You can choose to take medicine before going to bed or after meals to reduce the occurrence of drug side effects;

④ This medicine only has a role in sexual life before taking the medicine, and no protective sex after taking the medicine is invalid.

Emergency contraceptives achieve the purpose of contraception by interfere with the normal endocrine state.The reason why this drug can have a contraceptive effect is because the progesterone content is high and the dose is large.Therefore, it is not recommended that women use this method for contraception. Taking should not exceed 2 times a month, and it should not exceed 3 times a year. Long -term use can have the following side effects:

① Light: Dizziness, nausea, vomiting, menstrual disorders, irregular vaginal bleeding, breast pain, etc.;

②Pecent: The follicles can be ruptured but cannot ovulate, and then ovarian cysts appear. Multiple ovarian cysts will occur repeatedly. If you take it multiple times in a short time, it may inhibit ovarian function, disturb the endocrine, and cause premature ovarian aging.

The success rate of emergency contraceptives is about 80%, so some women are pregnant after taking the medicine. Through clinical research, women have confirmed that pregnancy after taking emergency contraceptives will not cause fetal malformations and can continue pregnancy.However, when you find pregnancy, it is best to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, because emergency contraceptives are prone to ectopic pregnancy. If ectopic pregnancy is likely to cause major bleeding and life -threatening.In addition, a series of production inspections must be conducted to find problems early.

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