After taking medicine for a while, I found that pregnancy will affect the baby?

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Dear Zhongliujun, I want to know that I accidentally got pregnant when taking medicine.I found that I was pregnant, and I knew it for more than ten days after pregnancy. Will it affect the fetus?

Regarding the big event of the baby,

From preparing to production

Each mother should be careful ~

However, there are always some "unexpected surprises" in life,

For example …

During the medication, a little baby came,

Fear!Will these medicines affect the little baby?

Before answering the above questions,

We need to know this information



How long is the physiological cycle of pregnant women, and which day is the last menstrual period?

Women’s menstrual cycle starts on the first day of menstruation as the cycle, until the next menstruation.The length of the cycle varies from person to person, ranging from 21-36 days, and is generally 28 days.


What stage is the fetal development during the medication?

After the eggs are fertilized, the development of embryos and fetus is divided into three stages:

① Not sensitive period (early embryo)

14 to 28 days after the last menstruation and 0 to 2 weeks of pregnancy. During this period, the effect of drugs on the embryo during this period is "all or none", or the embryo died (miscarriage) due to the impact of the death dose drug, or the fetus was not subject to drugs.The impact generally does not cause fetal deformity.

② Sensitive period (embryo period)

29 to 70 days after the last menstruation and 3 to 8 weeks of pregnancy. During this period, it is a period of differentiation of fetal organs, such as central nervous system (brain), circulation system (heart), sensory system (eye, ear), muscle skeletal system (limbs)At this time, the embryo is the most sensitive to the drug and prone to severe deformity.

③ Low sensitive period (fetal period)

From 9 to 38 weeks of pregnancy (11th to 40th weeks of pregnancy), this period belongs to most tissue development and functional maturity period. The impact of drugs may involve growth and function, such as mental development and reproductive function.


When does the fetal organs develop?


Patients for medication during pregnancy?

Patients used the above drugs in the unsightly period (early embryo) of the development of embryos and fetuses more than 10 days after pregnancy.On the basis of consulting classic books and related literature for pregnancy and breastfeeding, the summary is as follows:

① Under the premise of using normal doses, the impact of omeprazole and galcinin has a lower impact on the fetus.

② Doramone oral half -life is 7-8h, mainly in the form of non -active metabolites with feces and urine excretion.30%of the dosage of 24h internal oral doses was excreted by urine, and the original drug accounted for only 0.4%; about 66%of the doses were discharged with the feces within 4 days, of which 10%were original drugs.

In the last 2013 item to evaluate the preview design and design of the fetal ending of women with Panlidone during pregnancy, Choi JS¹ and other 120 pregnant women and 212 have not been exposed to any potential teratogenic teratogenic symptoms to control gastrointestinal symptoms.Pregnant women with age matching are followed up until delivery.Study conclusions show that Dippolone does not seem to be a major human teratogenic agent, but this result needs to be further confirmed in greater research.

③ Chen Xianglu Bailu tablets are Chinese patent medicines. At present, there are no relevant statistics for women’s safety data for women during pregnancy.Chen Xianglu Bailu contains secondary nitrate and rhubarb. The pyrine is disabled during pregnancy. The effects of rhubarb has the effects of staining the meridians and promoting blood circulation and qi, which can easily cause miscarriage.

④ Patients have used the above drugs in early pregnancy. There is no need to terminate pregnancy. It is recommended to check the B -ultrasound regularly to maintain communication and contact with the obstetrics and B -ultrasound doctors.


Principles of medication during pregnancy

① No need to use it.

② Use less and use less.During the medication, you can clearly understand the gestational week, strictly grasp the dosage, and stop the drug in time.

③ Try not to compound preparations.Many compound cold medicines contain drugs prohibited or avoided in pregnant women, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, discinate, diamptide, pseudo ephedrine, and so on.

④ Carefully read the manual before taking the medicine.In particular, the relevant content of "disable", "use carefully", "pregnant women and women’s medication for women and lactating women" should be carefully read.

⑤ Traditional Chinese medicine is not necessarily safe.For example, some proprietary Chinese medicines such as compound licorice containing western medicines such as opioids can inhibit fetal breathing and have a certain danger.

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