After taking the contraceptive pill, I was pregnant again?The doctor tells you that this child should be!

As the saying goes well, people have lost hands and their hoofs. No matter how good you are preparing for pregnancy, you will inevitably have a "fish that missed the net".

Recently, a mother privately believed in the bacteria, saying that she and her husband originally advocated that Dink had no intention to have a child, so in the same room in the same room, either her husband wore a set or took contraceptives by himself, and he took contraceptive measures.Life was also quite comfortable.

But recently, the two have not been happy, and they have taken contraceptives and have been pregnant in the same room.It’s really worrying!Don’t stay, after all, it is a small life. It is always the crystallization of the two people’s love.Let’s stay, can this child with contraceptive pills have a problem?

Then the question comes. After taking the medicine, even after Yu Ting and other contraceptives, can you get pregnant in the same room?What does it affect the baby

First of all, always said in the advertisement, Yuting, 72 -hour emergency pregnancy, so it is an emergency contraceptive.Why does it have contraceptive effects.

In fact, it is mainly through inhibiting ovulation and preventing fertilized eggs. At the same time, it increases the consistency of cervical mucus to obstruct the sperm and achieve the effect of contraception.Although it has the effect of contraception, it is not 100 %, and its efficiency is only 80 %.Then the remaining 20 % is the category of Mother Dink, the above, and she is still pregnant after eating.


Yuting usually eats within 72 hours after the same room. The fertilized eggs are generally formed and 24 ~ 72 hours, forming bed after 7 days.

If you were in the early two weeks after this fertilization to fertilization,

The first is abortion or death,

The second one has no effect at all.

That is to say, if you are pregnant after taking the contraceptive pill, as long as the fetal buds and the fetal heart is normal, it means that the baby is healthy and can be left.

If you take medicine within 12 weeks in the late cysts,

It is easy to cause fetal malformations.Therefore, mothers should still be cautious in the use of medication. They must consult the doctor for advice and check for check -up on time.If you don’t want to, you need to take early.

If you have a baby after 12 weeks of pregnancy

At this time, the baby’s organs and body prevention have been formed. The effect of drug teratogenic has been significantly reduced, but the drug will still affect the drugs that do not fully differentiate.The impact on the nervous system has always existed

Therefore, if you see, whether this medication has an impact on your baby is to judge based on its dosage, time, and type.

If you are not careful, it may be frightened, and sometimes it may be surprise.Therefore, whether we are careful about pregnancy or like the mother above, we are not careful.We should be in awe for life.

Since you don’t want it, don’t always think about taking contraceptives, put it on!IntersectionThis is not only responsible for his wife’s body, but also to the baby who has not arrived!

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