After the 90s and 95th, Xinbao moms are all watching on the mother and baby app?buy what?

At present, the business of the mother and baby store is difficult to do, and many Baoma does not like to visit the store anymore.

Now that young people have been put on their mobile phones for half a day, what do Bao moms use their mobile phones?What do they love to buy?

"Bold look, buy cautiously"

Li Hong is a 30 -day baby mother. Proper novice Bao mom, when she was pregnant, she began to learn a lot of knowledge on Xiaohongshu when she was pregnant.

When talking about Xiaohongshu, Li Hong said that there is a special mother and infant sector in Xiaohongshu, which is shared and brought with goods published by users or daily life.After entering the keywords of "mother and baby" in the search bar, there will be four secondary categories, namely parenting knowledge, newborns, special humidifiers, and APPs."The most seen is the newborn sector. According to the recommendation prompts of the APP page, you can download some apps of life record categories."

At the beginning, Li Hong relied on Xiaohongshu very much. He felt that everything recommended by bloggers was good. It was not applicable to buy it and found that it was not applicable.After being slowly planted and grass several times, Li Hong was familiar with Xiaohongshu’s routine.

"Xiaohongshu’s parenting knowledge, life sharing and goods are mixed together." Li Hong said, "I now use Xiaohongshu to be cautious and must be judged by the child’s actual situation.Digestion or lactose is not resistant to the tolerance. It will make some simple screening in combination with the physical condition of the baby, which will not believe it. "

"Tools are mainly, social supplemented by social"

The baby’s baby Xiao Zhao’s baby is 5 months old.During the chat, the reporter was surprised to find that she was studying childcare knowledge on Meiyou.Meiyou is a app specially recording the men’s menstrual period. Xiao Zhao has been using Meiyou app to record the menstrual period before pregnancy. It has been used for a long time.Part of life.

There are four modes in Meiyou for users to choose from: I only remember the menstrual period, I am preparing for pregnancy, I am pregnant and I am childcare.After pregnancy, Xiao Zhao switched Meiyu to the "I am pregnant" mode, and switched to the "I am parenting" mode after giving birth to a baby.

The content of maternal and infant childcare in Meiyou is divided into three categories: science science articles, small tools, and graphic sharing published by community users.

First, popular science articles.

The knowledge science was launched by Meiyou and major hospitals. The author of the article is mostly the director/deputy director/attending physician of the XX Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital. These titles make the article very credible.Xiao Zhao’s most see this sector, "mainly professional knowledge and popular science, do not recommend products, and can learn a lot."

Second, small tools.

Small tools can record the user’s body temperature, weight, fetal movement, fetal heart, sleep, ovulation and even mood, as well as the function of sleep reminders and contractions through time pain, which is extremely detailed and scientific, covering all aspects of pregnant women and fetal bodies.Pregnant women seemed to move the obstetrician and equipment to the home.

In the small tools, there is also an important paid consultation function.Use the consultation function to communicate with the doctor directly with the doctor, and it will be indicated that the doctor’s time to see the diagnosis will be indicated.The "clinic" is divided into meticulous, including gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, reproductives, skin, etc. It is like a small online obstetrics and gynecology hospital. It saves the process of getting an online number or going to the hospital for a queue to wait for the call to wait for the call.,Very convenient.

All the products on the product on Meiyou are "hidden" in small tools, such as detecting fetal hearts, etc., you need to buy products launched by the platform.Such sales methods have more professional obstetrics and gynecological medicine care, more focusing on the "tool attributes" of goods, less straightforward advertising push, and easier to get the attention and trust of Baoma.

Third, Baoma Community.

The online community is mainly open pregnant mothers and Baoma exchange platforms, so that pregnancy and pregnancy are no longer alone, especially in the difficult days of Baoma’s inconvenience and puzzles of childcare.comfort.

Xiao Zhao also often asked for help and reply in the community, and shared the product use experience. The mutual support and encouragement between "pregnant friends", exchanging the parenting experience, making Xiao Zhao feel that he was not fighting alone.At the same time, the mutual recommendation and sharing of "pregnant friends" also allowed Xiao Zhao to buy a lot of more practical products.

Meiyou’s "Grapefruit Street" section also has special maternal and infant shopping. Many seller shops have been raised, and the price is benchmarking Tmall.Mainly bathing skin care, wet scarf tableware, milk powder urine pants, children’s clothing and other categories, mostly children and middle children.At present, Xiao Zhao’s baby is 5 months old and does not involve it for the time being.

Meiyou also has a "binding" APP. The original name was the baby of the pomelo. Now it is called the baby. A user can log in with the account. The functions and Meiyu are re -coexisting. The authoritative science popularization and various small tools are available. There is an online mall.The reporter saw that the sales volume of many products in the baby’s note mall far exceeded the same product of the Tmall Meiyu flagship store. A diapers with a monthly sales of 100+ on Taobao Miyu flagship store reached 15K+in the baby’s note.

Through the experience of Xiaohongshu and Meiyou, we can see that professional content marketing is very attractive to consumers.In particular, the mother -to -child childcare sector requires professional knowledge very much. Novice Baoma also needs many needs and problems to be solved.

Look at your store again, customers start to sell products when they enter the door or group, they are no wonder if they do not retreat!

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