After the 90s, the prospective mother dreamed that she was pregnant, but "dreams come true"?Understand the symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy

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There are many women in pregnancy, which is a very happy thing, and it is naturally important for a family.However, most of the time, women inadvertently discover that they are pregnant, or find that they are pregnant through something unusual.But there will still be some careless women who find that they are pregnant because of all kinds of strange things.

Friends Lin Ling has been very positive with her husband after marriage, because the two people have been in love for many years. They are not young when they get married. In the urging of parents of both parties, they hope to have their own as soon as possiblechild.But for half a year of marriage, Lin Lin’s stomach still had no movement. After going to the hospital for examination, he found that the two people’s bodies were also very healthy and normal.Therefore, the two went to the Internet to find many ways, and asked many authoritative doctors to have their own children as soon as possible.

When they were preparing for pregnancy for nearly a year, one day Lin Lin said that she dreamed of herself when she dreamed at night. She went to the hospital for a color Doppler ultrasound. Through the color Doppler ultrasound, she also saw her baby’s face very clearly.As the so -called sun is thinking, there is a dream at night. Lin Lin thought he was herself. Because she wanted children too much, she had to have such strange dreams.

But the day after finishing dreams, Lin Lin felt her stomach hurt very much after finishing work.At first she thought she was a criminal of her stomach disease, so she took the stomach medicine for two days, but the situation still didn’t improve, so she told her husband.When her husband was unwilling, he took Lin Lin to the hospital for inspection and discovered that Lin Lin was almost six weeks pregnant.

This can make Lin Lin’s couple happy, and the two can finally welcome their baby.In fact, in addition to Lin Lin, many women will find that they are pregnant through all kinds of strange things.

The neighbor’s eldest sister found that she was pregnant because she fell down the stairs.In the past few years, my cousin also vomited because she was riding a bicycle. She was mistaken for her unwell response because of the excessive exercise. After she went to the hospital for examination, she found that she was pregnant.

If women cannot find their pregnancy in time, they will have a certain impact on their bodies or fetuses.So for those who are preparing for children or have been married for a long time, what symptoms will happen in the early stages of pregnancy?

1. Mentalomy

This is the most obvious response. If a female friend who has reached the age of fertility and has a husband and wife life in a short period of time, once he finds that he has discontinued his menstruation for more than a week, you must start considering whether he is pregnant.

2. frequent urination

Many women will find that after pregnancy, the frequency of going to the toilet will become higher and higher.This is because after the uterine increases, the bladder will be oppressed, so that women often have the desire to go to the toilet, which is also a very common physiological phenomenon in the early stages of pregnancy.

3. Breast swelling

Women will feel slightly sore in their breasts when they are pregnant for one month, and the color of the areola will gradually become deeper.This is caused by the sudden increase of women in women during pregnancy. If there is no other unwell phenomenon, it is also a very normal manifestation of pregnancy.

Those women who have been actively preparing for pregnancy and have always wanted their children must have timely understanding the symptoms and precautions of early pregnancy, so that they can better protect their bodies and fetuses in the early stages of pregnancy, so as not to be because of their own.The negligence caused accidents.

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