After the husband and wife "love", women always feel that these parts are painful, and they are likely to be pregnant.

Xiaoyu and her husband have been married for many years, but they have never been able to conceive their babies. The two husbands and wives have always been disappointed, so there is no idea about being pregnant with the child again.Adopt a baby’s preparation.But what makes people unexpected is that because Xiaoyu always felt unwell a few days ago, who knew that after going to the hospital for testing, it was unexpectedly detected that it was pregnant, which made the family happy.In retrospect, the pain in Xiaoyu was painful in the past few days, it turned out to be reasonable.

After the child is pregnant, what parts of the body will have pain?Girls who have no experience have to pay attention. Don’t know if you are happy.

1. Small abdominal pain

Generally speaking, a successful woman will feel faintly painful in the abdomen shortly after conception, similar to the feeling of coming to the aunt.This is mainly because after the embryo is successful in bed, it will cause some pain in the uterus, and some may be accompanied by a condition of bleeding.Therefore, if you have similar symptoms after your husband and wife live, you must pay attention to it, it is likely that you are pregnant.

2. chest pain

After pregnancy, women’s bodies will change much, and it is obvious that the level of hormone in the body is different from before, which can easily cause chest pain.This kind of chest pain is more severe, and it may even be uncomfortable if you encounter a little bit.If a woman’s body changes different from the past, they need to be alert to whether they are pregnant.

3. Back pain

After pregnancy, there is also a relatively obvious feature, that is, the waist or back is prone to soreness, especially the pain that is prone to falling down on the waist.If there is such a waist soreness that is often not similar, you cannot buy some plasters containing musk to treat them at will. Instead, you need to consider whether you are pregnant, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus.

If you have the above symptoms and determine that he is pregnant, then pregnant mothers need to pay more attention to their daily habits.

1. Make a good rest

Young people like to stay up late, but in fact, this is very bad for pregnant mothers after pregnancy.The growth and development of the fetus not only requires good sleep rest, but also requires more regular schedules. Therefore, pregnant mothers after pregnancy must ensure that they fall asleep before 11:00 in the evening and resolutely prevent staying up late.

2. Be sure to quit smoking and drinking

Tobacco and alcohol are very large for fetal damage, so once you are pregnant, you should avoid a place with tobacco. Drinks containing alcohol, and alcohol products are not allowed.Essence

3. Healthy diet, reasonable exercise

For the healthy development of the fetus, it is very necessary to add appropriate nutrition.But supplementing nutrition should also pay attention to the right amount.In addition, insisting on proper exercise during pregnancy can also have a good role in the mother and fetal baby, especially for the smooth delivery of the later period.

So if you have pain in similar parts after your husband and wife "love", quickly pay attention to it, and use scientific methods to detect whether you are pregnant!

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